Fished Lake Rupert 5/12

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  1. Well, I was crazy enough, or stupid enough, to go and brave the wind on Rupert this past Monday. The fishing was great.....thanks to the anchors.... We caught quite a few crappie. We caught over 100 and I cleaned 20 over 9" long with the longest being 12". Also caught and cleaned 3 saugeye and 3 perch. The water was about 63 degrees and most of the fish were caught on the main lake. Have fun out there...........
  2. Good to hear about rupert. Any bass mixed in your bag of fish? Sounds like the fish were still a little deep.

  3. I fished there last night and caught between 12 to 15 bass with 3 over slot and 5 crappies and a 19 inch sauger. Had a real good evening there the water temp was 68 all over the lake.
  4. We caught 3 bass around 12". Lost a good one on a rattletrap when I thought it was hung up. After letting up pressure, it came out of the water. Dang it..............
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    Thanks for the update guys.
    I'll be heading down there as soon as the: cold fronts, low pressure systems, days & days of rain, sudden bluebird skies, suddend temperature changes, and whatever else has been pissing me off about this weather clears up. Does it sound like I'm frustrated with the weather?

    I've been (other than a trip to Burr Oak & Aep last week) sticking closer to my local Fairfield/Perry County waters lately. But I plan on hitting lake Rupert soon and catching that 10lb.-Ohio bass fish. But the problem is... I wake up from my dream! LOL
  6. I'm thinking of hitting Lake Rupert on Sunday afternoon or Monday and was wondering if there's a bait shop nearby where I can pick up some minnows. Thanks for your help.