fished conn.9/29

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    had to work sat morning so hit the conn on the way home. water was still super low and gin clear.. seen a bunch of fish holding in pods here and there. managed to beach about 11 using spawn sacks followed by a single egg pattern.. headed home and stopped at another river and picked up 8 more using scorpion spoons... we need alot of rain and soon. alomost all the fish in the rivers are dead locked because of low water.. Ill post some photos tomorrow.
  2. great job bob!!!!..forecast calls for some rain tomorrow night through weds.cant wait to get out there again!!!


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    good work there mr. bob.

  4. Decided to follow the foot steps of Mr. Bob. Stopped by the Conn on the way home from work yesterday and landed a few Chromes.

    Water is really low and you have to find the holes. I spotted a few in about 6 feet of water. My first Chromes for the season.

  5. Mr. Bob depresses me by proving my lack of skill by comparison. Anyway, gonna try chagrin after class on Friday and hopefully get a bite. Ngski, what fly are they biting on?
  6. Used a terrestial pattern, Ant. Took one of my hot glue ants.
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    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    nice job on the chrome