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Hi Fellow Sportsmen,

I'm Steven Russell Smith, and I've operated a business called Fish Artistry in Cambridge (starting out in Zanesville) since 1994. What do you do when you catch a special fish that you want a keepsake of when taxidermy and reproductions are not viable options? Such was the case of the bowfisherman from West Virginia who contacted me a few weeks back. He had recently harvested a 21.1 lb. Freshwater Drum from the Ohio River, which the Bowfishing Association of America certified as being a record Ohio fish. But there was a problem...

21 lb. Drum- NOT MOUNTABLE. Possible reproduction?- TOO EXPENSIVE (over $1000 not including shipping). But I told him I had a solution...I could professionally photograph the fish, then using digital art techniques, layer it into a created underwater scene which we could then have made into a large print. I sent him some samples of my work, and the rest is history.

After many questions and discussions, I came up with the idea of personalizing the print by putting Dalton's silhouette into the scene drawing the very bow which he used to harvest the fish. After completing the artwork, I ordered the print for him, an awesome 30x40" metallic print in which the fish appears close to its original size!

The sky is the limit as far as what I can create for a background. Dalton harvested his fish at night with the aid of specially rigged lights on his boat, so that's what we decided to depict in the artistry. It is even possible to create a split scene with breathing scenery above the waterline, and the fish beneath.

Although I photographed the Drum myself, I can use your photo so long as it is of high enough resolution and of decent quality. Even if your photo was captured on- scene with you holding the fish, I may be able to do something great with it by employing advanced digital art techniques to flawlessly remove the hand along with glare and other flaws. I can also reposition the fish and make any necessary lighting and color adjustments, so that your fish looks great in the print! (see my before and after dolphin pics).

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for considering my artistry as a viable option for preserving the memory of your special fish. If you have further questions, just give me a shout!
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