Fish tags.

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  1. Anyone know where I can get some fish tags? I want to tag the catfish at a family pond so I can get a idea about qty of cats in the pond.


  2. Putting tags on your private pond fish can be very interesting so be sure to get individual numbers, and take measurements, when caught and where caught, youll be amazeda t just when you think you have a pattern, something will come in completely off the wall.
    Anyways, just remember it is HIGHLY Illegal to tag fish on any of the states waterways.
    I read a report a while back about using a certain type of magic marker to number catfish, it was something special and didnt hurt the fish and as the fish grew, it ( the numbers) would grow with it, not very aesthetic but it didnt seem to hurt the fish any. Anyone else read this or know anything about this?.

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    Fishman Catch bait???

    The company I works for sells them.

    Not sure if it's on the webpage, otherwise:

    Phone:513-561-2615 Toll Free:800-662-3474
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    fishman.. let me know how much they are please.. i'm interested.. :)
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    They're not that expensive Ak, you buy a set of clips with #'s listed on them.. you have to buy a certain ammount of them because they come in sets, then you buy a special pair of pliers that crimp them down on the dorsal fins.

    I'll get the exact price for you and let you know.
  6. Why?

    I would think it would be interesting for to the state to collect this kind of data.