fish story?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by redhawk fisherman, Jul 25, 2007.

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    i cant believe that a long time angler like him would even consider eating such a large sportfish. that in itself makes me question the size of the fish.

    my guess after viewing the pics. 8-9lbs max

    he just plain old didnt know his head from his _____
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    Why fillet a fish of that size?? Either put it on the wall, or back in the water. On a similar note, a neighbor of mine stopped by Saturday and showed me this huge Large Mouth Bass he at caught at Atwood lake earlier in the day. He said he had it weighed and it topped 7 ½ lbs. I asked if he was going to have the fish mounted and he said he thought about it, but decided not to. He said “it’s to big for eaten so I’ll just chop it up and put it back in the garden”. What a dumb a**!
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    whats with people?? if you have the skills to hook and land a bass of that size you would figuer you knew 'what's up' in terms of conservation/reproduction and genetics.

    not to blow up another catch and release argument but waysting a large bass to fertilize a garden is very rediculous no matter how you think.

  5. as these people just not in there right minds or what, if i caught a fish of that size id def have it checked first to see if its a record or not, then id most likely have alot of photos then release it back if it was possible if the fish survived from the stress, if it wasnt going to survive or had already died, then only then would i have it mounted. and i totally agree with newbreedfishing.
  6. his fingers are huge, id say if you compare his fingers to the fish the fish looks 6-7lbs max
  7. that is quite a story..and it looks like he's holdin it pretty close to the camera.
  8. It is always hard to tell from pictures I will admit, but that bass doesn't look anywhere near 12 pounds IMO. I have caught plenty Erie smallies up to 7lbs and I would agree that fish doesn't appear to be more than 7lbs; maybe a bit larger. 12lbs - no freaking way! I have seen pictures of a 8lb 9ounce Erie smallie a buddy of mine's co-worker caught a few years back and it would eat that thing - you would have guessed it at 10lbs+ from the pictures; just huge!

    Either way - this guy is full of it IMO and that is why he disposed of the fish.

    I caught a 12lb smallie last week, but I didn't get a good documented picture and I deep fried it that night:)LOL
  9. I dont believe it, if he has been fishing for 50 years he should be able to tell with reasonable certainty that it is a huge fish. 50 years is a long time he should be able to guesstimate its weight, also why on earth would you fillet a fish that big. Its a tale thats all. IMO
  10. my five year old just called that guy a "DOOF!!" "that guy is a total poser doof....that's not a 'super-big'" he said to me....What a doof

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    Sounds like a family meal to me. I have no problem with what he did since he is putting it to good use. In his belly:p
  12. And here is a 9.2 from the archives.

    I find it hard to believe that the fish in the story is 3# heavier. Here is his picture to compare.
  13. I can't judge fish size very well. Just for the sake of argument could'nt they DNA test the head,guts, and fillets to see if they are from the same fish. Then weigh them together and get a ballpark weight?? I don't see how it could be certified but it would be nice to know what the experts say it would weigh.
  14. I vote for fish story. A 22" SM weighing 12 lbs would look morbidly obese in a photo. That fish looks like a spawned out 6 or 7 lb'er.
  15. bkr - that's what I'm talking about right there!! That 9.2 fish is a HAWG!

    Complete BS by this guy.
    Although a GREAT smallie, the only record that fish is going to break is maybe the local resorvoir or lake record.

    If you have the pleasure to smallie fish Erie regularly you will catch some 5-7lb smallies; if you are real lucky even bigger. It would be very easy to tell a smallie near 12 pounds as it would be a FREAK!!!
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    Absolutely NO WAY that smallie was 12lbs. NO WAY
  17. And he also has ocean front property in Arizona for sale.
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    As a semi serious amatuer photographer, I can appreciate the effect of using a short focal length lens to make objects in the foreground look huge as in this case. Notice he has his arms extended. Try it with your next catch and you too can be a record setter!