Fish Rocky 2/23

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  1. steelheadBob

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    Got off work early today so i got down at the rock about 2:30. Hit a couple of holes running tandoms with white and pink sucker spawn running the bottom. Got 7 out of the water. Water flow was real good and the color was sweattttt!!!!! No slush and a couple of ice cubes here and there.

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  2. thanks for the report bob congrats on the decent day, hope to hit it tomorrow.

  3. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

  4. ParmaBass

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    OH GREAT.....Now the Rocky is gonna be crowded!!! Thanks alot BOB! lol:D
  5. Dude, BOB, I fished the AM at some holes there and got 3, landed 1. The slush was horrible this morning, I did all I could to get the bait down. Ended up running my patented split shot and hook.
  6. steelheadBob

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    I know, i spilled the beans. lmao... As the great fisherman once said,,,,,, he who learns to fish a presured river should have no fear of a presured river. LOLOLOL Just kidding. Just dont forget about what i told you on the phone............SMALL.!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's a really unique colored steelie. It almost looks like a coho.
  8. steelheadBob

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    I dont know what went wrong, they came out good on my puter, then the changed color when i down loaded them onto ogf.??????
  9. Lima Eyecatcher

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    Thanks for the report and good job on the fish. I am planning on driving up on Wednesday to fish the V or Rocky. I heard the V may be froze up.:( The Rocky adds about 40 minutes to my 3 hr drive. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Lima Eyecatcher
  10. misfit

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    something else that's got screwed up with the upgrade.same thing happened to the last pic i uploaded.:confused:
  11. Clayton

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    Anyone know if it'd be any good this Sunday?

    Also, where can I find public access on it? This'll just be for a couple fly anglers who won't cause much trouble for anyone, promise :) we're not really good at it, per se... lol.

    Also using 5 wts, so we're gonna try the ultralight way. I know, I know, everyone says 5 wt is too light... but the other day I talked to a guy who took a 100 lb tarpon on a 6 wt. I'm SURE a 5 wt has the potential to handle a steelhead, given that info :p
  12. Clayton, lot of access. Go to the ODNR page or past threads on here to figure out some starting points. Make sure you are not fishing on private property though. 5 wt is fine for steelhead. I've got a St. Croix 5 wt and it handles the fish. Just have to play the fish a little longer. Make sure you check the flow gauge before you go though. Its a waste when its chocolate and fast. Stop by Erie Outfitters in Sheffield if you need to get some tackle or bait. Great guy and he'll fill you in on any questions you might have.
  13. Clayton

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    Cool :) i'll be up there then :D