Fish Ohio Pins

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  1. Looking To Find Some Info On Fish Ohio Pins. Looked On Odnr Web Site And Found Nothing. When Was The Program Started. Did They Always Have A Master Angler Pin? What Did The Others Look Like? Does Ohio Have Any Publications On The History Of Fish Ohio Pins?:b :b
  2. Good questions. When you're on the odnr site click the "Contact ODNR" button in the top right. They've always answered my q's within 24hrs.

  3. There is a good article in the WILD OHIO magazine in spring 2007 from the ODNR, the fish Ohio program was started in 1976 and 1980 was the first year the pins were given out
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    some of them are highly collectable and valuable as well, of course it depends on what you have. I would try googling it or check ebay.