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Fish Ohio grand slam

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flathunter, May 20, 2005.

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    Grand Slams Recognized in Three Distinct Areas: Ohio River, Lake Erie and Inland Waters
    Lake Erie submission form • Inland submission form • Ohio River submission form


    Lake Erie Grand Slam - Fish must be caught from Lake Erie, its embayments, including Maumee Bay, East Harbor, Middle Harbor, and West Harbor, and tributaries to the first dam or designated landmark as follows:
    Vermilion River - State Route 2 bridge
    Black River - State Route 611 bridge
    Rocky River - Detroit Rd. bridge
    Cuyahoga River - Harvard Rd. bridge
    Euclid Creek, Chagrin River - State Route 283 bridge
    Arcola Creek, Wheeler Creek, Cowles Creek, Indian Creek - U.S. 20 bridge
    Grand River - State Route 535 bridge
    Conneaut Creek - Main St. (downtown Conneaut) bridge
    Ashtabula River - E. 24th St. bridge
    To qualify for the Lake Erie Grand Slam, anglers must catch at least a 28” walleye, a 20” smallmouth bass and a 28” steelhead.

    Ohio River Grand Slam - Fish must be caught in the Ohio River, or its tributaries to the first dam or riffle.
    To qualify for the Ohio River Grand Slam, anglers must catch at least a 21” hybrid striped bass, a 16” sauger and a 35” flathead catfish.

    Inland Grand Slam - Fish can be caught from inland lakes, rivers, streams, or private ponds.
    To qualify for the Inland Grand Slam, anglers must catch at least a 21” largemouth bass, a 21” saugeye and a 36” muskie.

    COLUMBUS, OH - To recognize some of Ohio’s marquee fish species and the anglers who catch them, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife is announcing a new program - the Fish Ohio Grand Slam!
    This program recognizes three categories of anglers - those who fish the Ohio River, Lake Erie or inland waters. Grand Slam anglers must catch three designated species from each body of water during the fishing license year (March 1-February 28), using existing Fish Ohio lengths and species.

    “The level of difficulty involved will make achieving a Grand Slam the pinnacle of the Fish Ohio program,” said Gary Isbell, executive administrator of fisheries management and research for the Division of Wildlife.

    Earning a Lake Erie Grand Slam will require anglers to catch a Fish Ohio walleye, smallmouth bass, and steelhead. The Inland Grand Slam will require a Fish Ohio largemouth bass, saugeye, and muskie. To qualify for an Ohio River Grand Slam, anglers must catch a Fish Ohio sauger, hybrid striped bass, and flathead catfish.

    The Grand Slam program will be Internet-based only - no paper forms to fill out and return. This year’s program will run from May 21, 2005 to February 28, 2006.

    Pictures of qualifying fish must be included for certification and recognition. Pictures of Grand Slam anglers recognized during the 2005-06 season will be posted on the Division of Wildlife’s web page at .

    The Fish Ohio program recognizes noteworthy catches among 19 fish species. During 2004, the Fish Ohio program recognized 12,855 anglers from across Ohio and 36 other states for trophy catches. There is also a Master Angler category for individuals who catch four Fish Ohio-qualifying fish in a single year. Since 1976, more than 360,000 anglers have been recognized for Fish Ohio catches.

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