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  1. I talked to a very helpful young lady at ODNR yesterday about not receiving my pins. She stated that the data was being processed this week and they would be mailed soon. If you have been waiting, you may be getting them soon.
  2. How many do you have coming John, 20? lol

  3. Thanks for the info Luredaddy. I was wondering if I was ever going to see my first Master Angler Pin. I got my regular pin months ago.
  4. Thanks for the update. I was going to call today.
  5. If you have to call, her name is Vicki Ferris, not sure about the spelling.
  6. i was told end of feb-begining of march, we should have them.
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    I had forgot about mine. Now I'm wondering where mine is. :confused:
  8. Just wondering has anyone recieved a pin of the fish that you submitted, meaning a crappie pin for a fish ohio crappie, walley pin, for a fish ohio walleye, and so forth? everyone i recieved is a bass pin, we 're not all bass fishing people.:)
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    They only make 2 pins a season. Regular and Master. They change fish every year.
  10. hey thanks, i thought it was just me, i have 2 gold and 2 color ones.
    guess i'll have to buy my own crappie pins. thanks for the info.
  11. good to know, I was wondering if they didnt think I was a master angler?
  12. I never got my master angler pin last year(2006).. I caught 5 and sent them in and printed out the awards and then I waited .. and notta.. I sent several e-mails and no response:mad: I got my fish ohio pin already this year and waiting on master angler pin.. hopefully I get one this year :confused:
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    Chip, was that 5 diffrent species or 5 of the same species? You know to get the MA pin, they have to be diffrent. I got one last year (2006).
  14. :B Crappieking 2001 what was that about gold pins and colored ones, were they for the same year. I never saw a gold pin mine are all painted. But am still waiting for my last year pin, some people say what do you want those stupid pins for, to me it is just a little pat on the back for catching a super nice fish. Two years ago I caught 8 fish ohio northerns and 2 crappies out of WB rec. one pin but to me that pin reminds me of all 10 of them.
  15. the two gold pins were for a 10 & 11" blugills, and the two painted were for 30" steel head and a 15" crappie. i wanted the pins to be the fish that you caught, nice to pin on your hat or fishing vest.
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    You don't get what you want when you want it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Cause,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    You get what they got when they give it...:rolleyes: ;)
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    I've caught some monster 9-10" gills before and always go look to see if they were Fish Ohio's.

    If you check the size limits... It says "Sunfish – 9 inches"

    Are you guys using Sunfish for you Fish Ohio Gills? :)