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Fish in the house

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Yoyof2, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I see a lot of people posting pics of their catch in the kitchen. Fish in the sink, measured on the counter even filleted on the table. I've never tried it but I would assume my wife would kick my a**. Am I the weird one? Is there advantages. I wouldn't want to deal with the mess
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  2. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    I'm in the same in the house! Not happening catch goes straight to the backyard or next door @ my buddies house. Remember a happy wife a happy LIFE LOL!

  3. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom Attorney extraordinaire

    My wife don't care, its food. I choose to clean outside but if it's raining or cold ....inside.
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  4. When I remodeled my kitchen, i saved a giant chunk of my counter top and cut a hole in the middle so I can stick a garbage bag up in the hole. Clean the fish and down the shoot goes the carcass. I do this in my basement because my wife hates the smell of the fish being cleaned. If i only had a few fish, I am sure I could get away with cleaning them in the kitchen.
  5. What I do is take 2 of the big scented candles on each side as I clean, and really helps no smell in kitchen
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  6. my wife doesn't care if i clean my fish inside, but i get to clean the mess when I'm done. i have cleaned them in nice weather before, but that was many many yrs ago. I've always cleaned them during the ice season when i ice fished. now i never clean them indoors.
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  7. i have never cleaned fish in the house, however i have brought meat in bowl to kitchen sink to rinse when to cold outside . i either clean outside or in the garage. been this way now going on 42 years we been together
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  8. I have cleaned fish in my house for over 30 years. alwas clean my mess up, my wife really don't mind because..... sometimes she helps me fillet them. gotta love a gal like that, shes a keeper
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  9. The key is to set a precedent. I've butchered an entire beef on my kitchen table, and more deer than I can remember. After 20 years it doesn't even get a second glance. You have to act like she's crazy for even questioning it. :D
  10. CFIden


    I only clean them inside during ice season. Wife isn't exactly thrilled but I don't ask her to go outside to smoke in the winter either. Just ask that she stand buy the stove with the vent on high. I do clean up after myself but those scales do tend to get places I don't understand.
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  11. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    I was at one office job where a guy would microwave leftover salmon in the break room. Management told him to stop that.
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  12. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

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  13. 3 dog Ed

    3 dog Ed Where’s the bass?

    M.magis has done it right. Unfortunately I have not!!
  14. I resemble that method...
  15. There are times I clean outside...times inside.
    Guess my wife is just used to it.
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  16. I do not see the need to clean fish in my kitchen. Never ever considered it. Wife or no wife. Also do not understand the guys posing with dead fish for pictures in the living or dining room.
  17. Clean them outside or depending on the weather, they get cleaned in my workshop. Into the kitchen for a final rinse then my wife will vac seal them. My wife won't clean them o_Oo_O,, that's my job. :eek::eek:
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  18. just have a couple of questions if you don't mind. and no I'm not trying the be a smart a$$. just want to know. do you ice fish? do you have a warm place to clean your fish caught in freezing weather? thanks.
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  19. I've got a 10' counter top on base cabinets that were damaged at Home Depot,(found them cheap) in the garage that I use. I have brought the frozen fish in a bag into the house to thaw and cleaned in the garage. To each his own though.
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  20. I have a fold up game table with a sink you attach a hose to. My wife will allow NO dead animals in the house until they are cleaned. if its nice out the table is set up in the driveway, if its not nice then in the garage. I have a hose bib in the garage too, for running water to the table when I'm in there.