Fish identification help needed.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by harle96, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. harle96

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    This is a rare bird. Carp specie I suppose. Any ideas?

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    :eek: :eek: what the $%&# is that thing? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    harle- your guess is a good as mine on this one. I know one thing, it doesnt look,feel, swim, or taste like a walleye to me ;)

  3. harle96

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    I only found 1 specie of grass carp (White Amur). That thing in the pic doesn't resemble a white amur (although the olive color is one charactoristic) I was under the impression these are veggie eaters. Don't think they would eat a night crawler?? "shrugging shoulders"

  4. Yup, a small White Amur ( Grass Carp) can tell by the wide stance betwen the eyes and the fins

  5. I agree grass carp. I have seen them caught on nightcrawlers many times.
  6. Fishman

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    Looks like my ex-girlfriend :D

    Definitally an amur :)
  7. Grass Carp................
    The Grass Carp is considered an invasive species to North America. It is illegal to transport or own Grass Carp in all but twelve U.S. states because of the threat Grass Carp have on native plant species.

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  8. From the looks of the well manicured pond and the fish, I would say definitely a white amur. Probably put there by the owners or a conservation club to control weed problems.(At a cost of $10 EACH-or more.) That's what I paid for a dozen for my pond many years ago and there probably is only 3-4 left which have attained at least 20 lbs. I have no weed or algae problems since I got them, and also installed an aerator. I've hooked them by accident at Wingfoot Lake which could pull my 14 ft. boat they were so large. Hope the little guy was released to continue doing his job. The ones you buy for weed control are sterilized and cannot reproduce.
  9. Carpn


    It without a doubt a young grass carp
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    Looks like flathead bait!:B :B
  11. mrphish42

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    Harle96.......the guys jumped correctly on this with their grass carp call. They have the head structure and eye of a salt water mullet....I have caught them from places like mogadore and hudson springs lake, while fishing with my wife, for crappies and gills, they have sucked in pin-minns and small jigs tipped with maggots or wax worms.My wife landed one in the 20# class. I saw a picture of one caught by a friend of mine from a lake (owned by the company he works for in southern ohio) that had a scale weight of 62#.... I read in some research material, they max. out in the upper 60# range.
  12. harle96

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    Thanks guys for the feed back. Strange looking fish.

  13. Grass carp is right. Does anyone know how the fishing is at seneca lake
  14. Regarding Ohio, that's diploid only. Sterile triploids are used as tools to control excessive vegetation in ponds. ...And yes, the fish pictured is indeed a grass carp/white amur.