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  1. Im trying to find a good website for identifing nongame fish or baitfish in Ohio. Things like shiners and hornyhead chubs, the ODNR site is not descriptive enough or showing enough variety. Thanks
  2. Think theres 3 diff type shinners let alone other minnow type.

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  4. If you wanna see a horny head chub, seeing your in canton. Go to the canton south highschool bus garage and follow the road back till you hit the bridge over the nimi. Throw a small hook with a chunk of worm and you will catch one, the place is full of them. I also cought 2 or 3 tiny small mouth there.
  5. donnot use the internet, you will end up getting confused and half the time they get it wrong. traughtmans, fishes of ohio is still one of the best, it is not cheap and it can be a little dated but its got everything you will see and detailed descriptions. also the only way to actually know what you are looking at is have someone who really knows(wich is hard to come by) whats in the river. i thought i knew my fish until i spent some serious time on the water with the guys who really know, but its neat to know whats out there now. also if you get somthing take a detailed pic and post it. other books btw, fishes of alabama is good and has most of what ohio has and more. as does fishes of ten., and fishes of illinois, these books are the best resources out there. if you use the internet use fishbase for life histories and natureserve for the range(its not always 100% but its close). finally there are certain shiners madtoms and darters that are so similar its not even worth it. a common pair we have in ohio is the spotfin shiner and the steelcolor shiner, the only difference is spotfins have 8 anal fin rays and steelcolors, 9, and it gets worse in madtoms:D

    btw, just checked the link below, i have not seen this before and it is probably the best internet id site i have ever seen, nice find