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Fish hooked on beer!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishingislife, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Wow, would you ever of thought that you could catch fish on a beer cap?
    Well most people don't believe you can catch fish on beerbottle caps and if people do think that you can catch fish on beer caps they think that they will only catch small fish and won't catch very many fish, well thats all wrong! Bottle caps have been proven to catch many differnt kinds of fish! Also to add the caps also have been proven to catch big fish such as Walleye in the 5 to 10 pound range!

    If you would like to try out the Beerbottle cap lure take a look at the site, also if you would like to know more about the Bottle cap lure and how to fish it just take a look around the site.

    See for yourself,the link below shows some catches from the Beer cap lure!
  2. When fish are in an aggressive feeding mode and there are enough other fish in the area, they will strike at any number of items in an effort to sample it befor the others can. Bottle tops will certainly attract fish with their erratic motion and subdued flash. Tinfoil on a hook, seed pods, a bare shiny hook will all work at some point in time.

  3. yup... I agree with Ron on this one...
  4. captnroger

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    Yup, and empty skoal tins will work for bobbers, and take the spark plugs out of your car and use them for sinkers in a pinch ;) Just make sure you don't snag one of those on the bottom or you won't get home.
  5. The Bottle Cap Lure Company
    Canadian Inventor Turns 100,000 Refuge Bottle Caps Problem Into Fishing Success

    Bottle Cap Fishing Lures Go On To Help Canadian Win 2 National Angling Championships.

    Made from ordinary bottle caps, the patent-pending lures are custom-shaped and weighted to catch several species of fish


    Master Angler Andy vander Ploeg states, "The Bottle Cap Lures have played a big role in my success as a Master Angler, and are responsible for my 2 National Championships".

    (Aug. 18, 2003 - Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, CAN)... 3 Years ago, Inventor Norm Price created the first Bottle Cap Fishing Lure on a $50 bet. Since then, this lure has gone on to win 2 Canadian National Angling Championships and continues by shattering records all the way to Mexico, all while promoting a cleaner environment.

    Made from ordinary bottle caps, the patent-pending lures are custom-shaped and weighted to catch several species of fish. The reflective nature of the cap attracts schools of fish, and inserted ball bearings add noise and weight. "My first cast I landed a 32" brown trout," says inventor Norm Price. "My forth cast landed me a 28" rainbow trout. I won a $50 bet, and proved that the Bottle Cap Lure really does work."

    There can’t be many fish that haven’t been exposed to Master Angler Andy vander Ploeg’s magic. Andy qualified with a whopping 1,749.75 points to become Ford Angler of the Year for the second year in a row. In the process, he also captured an incredible 60% of all Canadian Master Angler awards. Andy states, "The Bottle Cap Lures have played a big role in my success as a Master Angler, and are responsible for my 2 National Championships".

    If you think that’s a fluke, think again.

    Norm Price the inventor of this ingenious lure. Formerly owned a Outdoor Adventure company called Call Of The Wild Adventure Tours Canada. Once again after closing this successful business almost 4 years ago he is reopening and will be using the Bottle Cap Lure to promotes the services once offered. This will include fishing tours, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, downhill & cross country skiing, sky-diving and much more. These 2 companies will complement each other very well.

    The ingenious lure also helps recycle a small portion of over 100,000 of North American bottle cap refuse per month that would otherwise end up in a landfills, lakes, streams or worse. "I collect over 100,000 bottle caps each week and that’s just in Montreal," says Mr. Price. "We are already planning bottle cap recycling centers all over the US and Canada." This will create new work for students, single moms, and anyone else wanting to work from home at their own pace. This will also give brewing companies a chance to put all the discarded caps to good use.

    Mr. Price says a judge has also assured him that since he’s using discarded caps beer companies can’t go after him for using their product. "You would think that beer companies would jump at the chance to participate with us in helping the environment and receiving free marketing too, but some beer companies donít like it, and are completely unsupportive," says Price. Matter of fact the former company Norm Price did promotions with in Alberta, Labatt Breweries sent Mr. Price a letter from their legal department stating he can not use these discarded caps stating they have to go into the garbage. Mr. Price can supply a copy of this letter. "We will work hard to promote beer companies who appreciate our initiative to create a cleaner world, while responsibly exposing
    millions to their respective brands."

    The Bottle Cap Fishing Lure will be launched into the United States this
    month through nationwide fishing stores, marinas, convenience store,
    and hardware stores. Giving back to the community, Mr. Price has a stable of about 150 workers, including many senior citizens, students and stay-at-home moms who assemble the lures for him in their spare time.

    The Bottle Cap Lure Company helps promote a clean environment while creating championship fishing lures and custom fishing lure products for corporate promotions.