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fish hook removal

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by spitfire14t, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. so i was in a bass tourny this past sunday and we were catching fish left and right...but that came to a stop when i got caught and jerked my rod tip...the lure then flung straight at me but i couldnt get out of the way in time and one hook got stuck in my was past the barb...i tried yanking it out with pliars for a good while but it wouldnt i had to go to the hospital to remove does anyone know any special tricks to get a fish hook out without goin to the hospital?
  2. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    just kind of depends on how deep the barb is buried.if the barb is still close to the surface it can be backed out,but it's sure not can use a needle to lift the skin at the barb so it will back out SOMEWHAT easier.
    if it's buried deep it can be pushed on through then cut the eye of the hook off then remove the rest of the hook.i hope i NEVER have to do it! :(
    if there are ways that involve less pain and are easier i sure hope someone lets us know.

  3. Spitfire Take a pice of line and run it around the bend of the hook where it went into the skin rap line around finger and pull in a downward motion away from the barb and the hook should come out like it went in. This pulls the barb away from cutting more skin. Hope this helps for the next time but hope you never have to try it out. Good fishin Fishguy :)
  4. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    What FISHGUY said. The heavier the line the better.
  5. thanks for the advice sure it will come in handy someday...but yea hookin yourself is a freak accident and if you fish enough..its gonna happen at sum point in time..unfortunatly :(
  6. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I buried a little hook in my leg once (on a 1/4 oz. Roostertail spinner) Wouldn't come out for anything, pulled & pulled, finally I took out my pocket knife & cut my skin at the barb.
    Saw a guy bury a big hook off a striper lure into his finger when the fish shook. I had offered him my pliers earlier too, he said he had his box. I remarked maybe you might want them in your pocket. Anyway, as karma would have it, he caught a nice fish & then got the hook in his finger while it was still in the fish. I think I might even have a picture of it...him posing with the fish. Anyway, another guy helped free the hook from the fish, then he looked at him and held his hand out and had that guy pull the hook from his finger. He went real pale & was sweating, makes me hurt just thinking about it.

    Edit, I found the picture.... ;) It's from 8-11-99 (even I don't forget an incident like that)

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  7. Use Mepps not plyers. The mepps locks so you don't have to hold them as tight. Rotating the hook, or pressing back to relieve the pressure on the barb helps. I have been told that sometimes cutting the skin can make a cleaner wound is a better option vs. yanking the hook out.
  8. ShakeDown

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    I've done that more times than I'd like to admit, and if it's real deep I've always pushed it through and out another hole, clipped the point/barb, then backed it out. It's amazing how tough your skin is, because making that second hole requires some effort!
  9. I have never hooked myself and hope I never do. I just started taking my kids fishing this year and from some of the cast I have seen them make. I believe that if I am hooked, it will be from one of my kids.
  10. SenkoMaster

    SenkoMaster Excellence In Bassin'

    I got semi hooked in the head once. I was on a small jon boat with my cousin and he was casting a scum frog and i felt a whap on the back of my head. Since it is weedless i thought i just got hit no big deal. A minute later i felt my hand back there and was losing alot of blood. One of the hooks just cut my skin. wasnt as bad as an embedded hook, but not something you want to experience.
  11. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Two years ago my buddy and I were fishing Mosquito when I screwed up and ran a Vi-ee hook in my left index finger. The bad part was I was right in the middle of eating my Egg Mcmuffin and drinking a coke. I finished those while I pondered the job ahead. My buddy was all excited as neither of us had ever done someting stupid like this before. He was ready to run me to the docotr right away. I had to calm him down and while trying different angles with my needle nose pliers I backed it straight out as easily as it went in. Luckily I'm right handed. After finishing our fishing I went to the doctor for a Tetanus shot. I hadn't had one in years. The doctor told me he had a guy come in once with a lure with all three trebles in a guy's scalp. That was bad!
  12. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    The "Fishguy" has it right. One other point...Even if you are successful with the hook removal, if you haven't had a Tetanis shot in the previous ten years, you will want to get one as soon as possible. Been there do that and have the Tee-shirt to prove it. :D
  13. I almost got hooked down saltwater fishing in Florida, we were on the pier and some other guy was fishing kind of wrecklessly. He wasnt really paying any attention to the other fishers/visitors and was just overhead flinging his bait out and I felt a piece of bait skim my arm, if that would have been the hook oh man it would have taken a nice hunk of flesh out Im sure of it.
  14. Fish2day

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    This makes me wonder ........ When I was about 6 years old my Dad rowed us across Sandy Lake in one of those big old wooden boats. I had just got a brand new Jittetbug and proceeded to embed the whole set of treble hooks in his neck on my first cast. To this day I can't imagine what pain he had to endure rowing that big old boat back to the cottage. I still wonder how he got those hooks out.
  15. I had to push mine through and cut off the barb. When it happened to my wife, we were wading and didn't have pliers. Hers went all the way through and I used a pair of nail clippers to mash the barb shut so we could pull it out.