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Fish Finders

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by dblbrldave, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Need to buy a new sonar unit. I was wondering if any one out there has any good tips for selecting the right unit for me.
    It will be permanent mount on my boat. I fish primarily inland waters for bass and panfish. I do take a trip or to lake eire, never very far out.

    Any suggestions tips or warnings would be greatly appreciated.

    I thinking around the lines of an Eagle480, or Lowrancex125, or Humminbird Matrix or 565.

  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I think OGF member Blance just rigged up that Eagle480 on his boat...might want to drop him a PM.

    I'd also tell you to take a look at the Garmins. I just put on a 240 this year, and love it.

  3. I had an Eagle FishElite 480 (GPS/FF) on my boat for a little while and I'd have to say I really liked it. Only problem with it was that after the 2nd outing, it quit working all together. I've always heard nothing but good things about Eagle so I'm assuming I just got a bad one. In a way after I brought the Eagle unit home I had some buyers remorse for not getting the Lowrance LMS480 instead. So when I returned the Eagle, I paid the difference to upgrade to the Lowrance. The difference (other than price) being that the Lowrance has alot more power out the transducer and a slight difference in the screen. Eagle and Lowrance are made by the same company. One thing I will say is that the difference in screens, the Eagle was backlit orange-yellow compared to the white Lowrance makes viewing the screen on the Eagle much easier in direct sunlight without tuning the contrast. However, both are very good units in my opinion.

    Before I had the Eagle, I had a Garmin. Never had a problem with the garmin, I just wanted a little mre screen detail than the 160 I had could give me. I plan on moving the Garmin to the bow of my boat.

    The two most important features I've always heard to look for in a fish finder are screen resolution and power to the transducer. Power to the transducer I would assume is more so dependant on the water you fish. The deeper or more murky the water is the more power becomes important. I've also been told the more power you have will help seperate fish that are sitting tight on the bottom or some other sutructure. When it comes to the screen resolution, the rule of thumb I've always been told is the more pixels the better. Basically, get as many pixels of resolution as your budget allows.

    I've got about four outings now between the Eagle and the Lowrance and I'd have to say I'm happy with both. Had the Eagle unit I had not stopped working I'd still be happily using it. Like I said the Garmin I had always treated me well, I just wanted the updated screen so I'd say if you can find one of their units that strikes you, you'd be happy with the quality of the unit. I can't say much for the Humminbird units as I've never owned or seen one used.