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Lowrance PDT-WSU Trolling Motor 200 kHz Transducer

Trolling-motor mount, 20 degree pod type with bracket for mounting

Works with: Cuda 128, Cuda 168, Cuda 242, Cuda 250 S/Map, FishEasy 240, FishEasy 245 DS, FishEasy 250 DS, FishEasy 320, FishElite 500C, FishElite 502C iGPS, FishElite 640C, FishElite 642C iGPS, FishMark 320, FishMark 500C, FishMark 640C, FishStrike 1000C, FishStrike 2000C, LCF-1440, LST-3800, M56 S/MAP, M68C S/MAP, X47, X47EX, X-50 DS, X67C, X-86 DS, X96

Asking $50

Lowrance x47tx black and white model just head unit and mount asking $50

Lowrance x67c color unit has 4 tiny pixels that are cloudy but does not affect screen looks like water spots when you are close but is not noticeable when further away. Just head unit with mount Asking $115 paid $250.

Both units are compatible with trolling motor transducer.
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