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Fish finder

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ohiogsp, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. I never used the things but am wanting to try it out. So for the $100-150 range what should I look for. I like the depth finder, temp, speedometer, fish finder but don't know much about them. I was looking at a Garmin 140, 160, 160c, or Lowrance 65x. Where can I get a nice one for the right price?
  2. Nobody has any suggestions??

  3. I have an Eagle Fishmark 480 and I believe it is a very popular model for the low to medium priced units. I believe they are still around $200 with temperature sensor. As far as features on them I would highly suggest the temp sensor as it is a very helpful tool in locating fish often times. I did not get the speed sensor as I have been told that they do not register very reliable especially at slower speeds. I believe all of the trollers rely on GPS readings rather than any fish finder readings.

    I think a lot of the decision on what you go with comes down to what you are willing to pay. For me the Eagle was where I landed.
  4. Go somewhere where you can see them out of the box and speak with someone that knows each unit in depth....I'd recommend:

    West Marine
    Store #1736
    District # 4441 N Summit St
    Toledo, OH
    PHONE: 419-729-5400
    For store hours, please call the store directly.

    West Marine
    Store #75
    District # 6176 N Summit St Bldg F
    Toledo, OH
    PHONE: 419-727-8989
    For store hours, please call the store directly.
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    I'll back up bkr when it comes to the Eagle 480. Just got off the lake where I was using mine. Sweet little unit for the money. You can't go wrong with its little brother the Eagle 320 from what I've been told. It's a less money and fits in your price range. To my knowledge the only difference is 320 pixels compared to 480.
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    I put two of the eagle 320's on my boat at the begining of the year and iam very happy with them the read outs are great and clear. Has temp and everything you would need other than speed. and if you look around you can get them for under $150 or go to dicks with one of the coupons and they are like $140 or $149 at dicks and use a coupon to knock that down.

    I think you would like the 320 or 480 more than the ones you mentioned in your post the pixels and view you get will be alot better.
  7. Sorry to steal this thread a little bit but I had a questions about running two units. If you run separate transducers will they screw up your signal? How about a vexlar signal?

    Sorry GSP, if it helps you any I bought a portable Eagle FishMark 500c, which is a color unit with temp sensor, from Cabelas. It is a little over what you were looking to pay at $400 but it is really convenient. I am looking to buy a boat sometime soon but don't have one yet so it's great for renting boats and I can't wait to use it up in Canada in two weeks. It comes with a rechargeable battery, soft pack case and suction cup transducer. Only problem I have had is the transducer popping off.
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    Garmin makes great GPS', not so sold on their finders.

    Whatever you choose, don't waste money on a 50mhz unit. You only need 200mhz around here.

    If you are looking for a deal, Cabellas has a great in-store deal on the Bottomline 320 and 480 series.
  9. Get the most vertical pixels you can afford.
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    Yup, really liking that 565. Never was a fan of Humminbird - always like the Eagle and Lowrance units. But, 640 vertical pixels - no other unit has that for $200 - I believe a Lowrance with 640 VP will set you back $400+.

    I run a 565 at my console and a 343 color unit up front on my trolling motor. Both run together with no interference.

    If you can't spend $200 for the H-bird, I would also vouch for the Eagle 320. Should be able to pick up a new one at Dick's for about $139 or less with a coupon.

    *BTW - do yourself a favor and learn to read the fishfinder WITHOUT the fish ID symbols. Get used to looking at sonar which shows fish as "arches" or "curves" and you'll be better off at understanding what you are actually seeing on the screen.
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    Just an FYI for those who may not know... The company that owns Hummingbird also now owns Bottomline.