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  1. So here goes another novice question. Any info would be appreciated.

    I just got my first fish finer a Eagle Fishmark 320. I have the transducer mounted on the transom. Really I wanted to mount if off the bow but not sure how to do this properly. The manual says something about mounting it on the trolling motor, but im not sure about doing it that way I don't always keep my trolling motor in the water. Has anyone done this? Benefits to this?

    Also the manual says "The transducer should be installed with its face pointing straight down if possible". Yet the book also mentions that it should be level with the bottom of the boat. Middle of the transducer exactly at the bottom of the boat. Should it be pointing down or not?

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    no the bottom of the transducer should be level with the bottom of the boat as pictured in you manual.

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    If this is the only fish-finder on the boat, you do not want to install it on the trolling motor. Trolling motor mounts are usually used as a second FF so you can see it at the front of the boat when using the trolling motor.
    In my boat I have 2. One at the console to search for fish, one on the trolling motor to use at front of boat.

  4. Thank you for the answers. I have it installed similar to the picture right now. But wasn't sure about its angle because of the book mentioning about it facing down. I'll just leave it be now then.:)

    Thanks guys
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    the picture shows it facing down. the small END is not the tranducer sending area. it is the bottom of the transducer that sends the clicks out.
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    This year I installed a second transducer on my bow mounted electric trolling motor and hooked it up to my Lowrance iGPS-522C that is at the helm. I also have a Raymarine DS500C with the transducer on the transom.

    It is amazing to see nice suspended marks on the trolling motor transducer at 10-15 feet but those marks are seldom on the other finder. These fish are moving out from under the boat as is passes by. Boat does not seem to bother the fish at 30 feet and deeper as they will appear on both finders.

    2 weeks ago on Lake Erie after seeing the suspended marks at ran a 30 jet 55 back and boxed 2 nice walleyes in under 15 min. I would have not known to do that if I didn't see the fish under the front of the boat because I didn't see those marks at the back of the boat.