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Fish Finder Help

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by redone29, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Could anyone give me some info on fish finders? I have an 8 foot bass hunter that I use on small lakes and strip pits and am in the market for a fish finder. I saw in bass pro and cabela's that they have portable units. The thing i'm worried about is drilling holes into my boat. These portable units have a suction cup transducer. Anyone have one of these units and could tell me how well the suction cup holds? I would be worried that this would come off the bottom of the boat. I know it has a cable attached but if it came off it might get tangled in a tree, grass, etc. From what I understand the other units require the transducer to be screwed onto the bottom of a boat. Or they sell trolling motor transducer kits (they seem kinda expensive). Just looking for a beginner unit and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Red
  2. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    do you have a pic of the bass hunter?
    there's probably a few ways you can do it but it would be easier to help if i could see what your boat looks like.

  3. paco


    i've seen guys mount the transducer on a board and then c clap the board to the transom of the boat .
  4. I have a Bottomline Fishin' Buddy for sale in the Marketplace forum. Comes with mounting bracket and manual. Reg. price is $169 new. Mine is experienced, but I'll let it go for $100 or best offer. You won't need to drill any holes with it and the sidefinder technology works great too.
  5. ShakeDown

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    I had an eagle 128 on my first boat...had the same "don't put holes in something that floats" phobia as well...came with a suction cup mount, which was great but not at WOT on a 75hp. With an 8 footer, you'd be fine as long as you had a flat SMOOTH surface.
  6. Bass_Hawg

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    Hey there, DONT GET A PORTABLE ONE. I have an 8 foot pond prowler and I have installed a Garmin 120 depth finder. I love this unit. ITs not a portable unit and I have the transducer mounted to the Trollingmotor curently. The board witha C clamp Idea is a good one as well. They also have a transducer mount c clamp thingy (Thats the offical name) at bass pro and cabellas

    Bass Pro

    What I did was put the Transducer on the trolling motor and ran the cable up the motor then off to the side.
    Just have a look here
    and shoot me a pm with a phone number or an email if you want an exact explanaiton on what I did.

    Good luck