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fish/depthfinder problems

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Gfhteen, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. well my grandpa got a new eagle fish finder and i took it out for the first time question is how does it read or scan...when sittting still the screen is always moving and changing. i know it only looks down so how big of a diameter does it read from...i am new to fish finder any help please
  2. freyedknot

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    you should see the bottom with only a slight change ,because the boat will move slightly , either from wind or just movement . but you will see the same pic . area viewed depends on water depth.the deeper the bigger area because the transducer sends out the signal in a cone. shallow water gives you a small pic of the bottom. read the manual and experiment with the settings.especially in deeper water where you know fish are holding. lake erie is a good area to do this especially because of all the fish holding areas that hold perch sheaphead and other fish . or try to find schools of bait and play with the sensitivity and try to find a school of crappie.less sensitivety will show only bigger fish. if your screen is cluttered then your sens is too h9igh. then try this in manual mode to see fish arches.hope this helps , i am not an expert by no means but i try.

  3. hey thanks alot...ill mess with it alittle more the nextt ime we are out and see if i can get the hang of it...when i say it kept changing, it moves from right to left, is this maybe just a way of refreshing the picture?
  4. GFHTEEN: Go to the Eagle Electronics web-site. you can download a program that shows you everything you need to know. It looks just like you are looking in the screen of your finder. you can do it all on your computer except catch the fish. Really neat. Good Luck
  5. Isnt the screen refreshing all the time, so it will look like its changing. It really doesnt know if its moving or not, so its constantly "refreshing" or redrawing the image. Just my thoughts on it. Still havent mastered mine by any means.
  6. Tilesetter

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    The screen will keep refreashing itself on account of the possibility of either debris, or fish moving under the transducer. Also like mentioned before I don't care if you put 18 anchors out the boat is going to move around and the transducer does not know the diference between wind drift and trolling there fore it constantly reads whats going on under the boat. As far as using the functions and settings every depthfinder is a little different. good luck and post pics when you find the big ones. :)
  7. Gfhteen: The web-site is click on "2004 Product Emulators" then find your unit, or one close to it. :D
  8. hey thanks alot guys for the grandpa and i are going to piedmont 2morrow(friday) and ill be messing around with it over there.
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    yes, it goes down in a cone shape. but like radar, it turns. it makes a circle. if you see the same fish holding, then you need to figure which way it's going. if fish keep showing up, they are in a holding pattern. that doesn't mean they'll bite. they are just there. you need to find the preferred bait. all lakes are different. hoover at a certain time of year, the cats and bass prefer craws or artificial craws. the cats seem to like real soft craws best. i've caught a lot of cats in july and august on softies. soft craws at alum, on the other hand, have never worked out there. raw shrimp has worked real well there. but i do better there on the shoals fishing jigs. better yet, i tip them with minnows. :p i have an eagle with 2 or 3d. it is, in my humble opinion, the best. it even reads when i'm going fast. it never fades. i've not seen a hummingbird that could keep up with it! hope this will help you understand your fish locator better. luck! :D
  10. well i just got back and a few wierd things happened with the fish finder...when we first got there and i turned it on it was working fine but after about a hour of use it beeped and said we were in 0.0ft of water and all the fish that were there on the screen a few sec before dissappeared this hapened 3 times while were out. and one more question about how it reads/scans...since it sends out a cone radar does it read going clockwise or counter clockwise and if it does read like that is that why i can be on one spot awhere it shows a 5ft flat bottom then all the sudden show a 12ft dropoff
  11. Odd you should mention that 0.0Ft reading. I noticed the same thing last weekend on mine, but chalked it up to an issue I was having with the GPS side of the unit, lost bottom lock and the horrible day I was having. One minute I was in 70ft, the next 0.0 then 40 and 60ft. That was the first time I have ever seen that happen where the unit goes to 0. Not sure which Eagle unit you have, but I have the Lowrance LMS-480 which is equivelent to the Eagle Fishelite 480 and noticed that Lowrance put out a sofware patch for the unit to correct a problem with the Sonar "locking up" when the GPS is atached and in shallow water (8-10 ft). Although I've noticed it happening in deeper water too. I would have to power cycle my unit 3 or 4 times an outing due to those lockups. Haven't been out yet since I applied the patch to know if it corrected my issue. As far as the 5-12 ft change, are you sure you were sitting near the edge of a dropoff, deper hole or on top of a big rock or hump? That would be the only explanation I can think of off the top of my head for that difference.

    I'm trying to learn to read my FF correctly myself and find alot of times the readings are as confusing as they are helpful.

  12. ;) Hey!!! the real question is-- Did you catch any fish over there at Peidmont???
  13. unfortunately not...we were mostly trying for cats but on the way to a area where a nice guy told us would be our best bet we plugged the shoreline and caught 2 small smallmouths and a small crappie after that we didnt have any bites for catfish, we had chicken livers,shrimp,goldfish,bluegills and creek chubs. it a really great looking lake
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    I think what causes those 0 or 1 to 3 foot readings when you know you are in deeper water is going over massive schools of baitfish that are close to the surface. The validity of the theory is enhanced a bit by the fact that a guy can toss a blade bait over the side and foul hook a little shad. I remember when I first first got readings like that, I thought I had come to an underwater island. But when I circled back, it was gone!!! :)
  15. freyedknot

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    that shouldn't be happening often. i would email eagle about it. not sure about the clock thing of the cone .
  16. Gobi Muncher

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    May be wrong, but I didn't think that the sound waves (sonar) were emitted in either a clockwise or counterCW direction. It was my understanding that the sound waves were in a constant cone with the peak being at the transducer and growing wider from there as it became deeper. There isn't anything there that moves or rotates like it does with radar. The scrolling of the screen is just the way it refreshes or reads the bottom as you move around or drift.