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  1. How do you keep it reasonably fresh and clean? Mine has been a disaster. Leadcorebean told me a tablespoon of dry, unused coffee grounds put in a dry cooler absorbs/rids it of smell. Close the lid. Works pretty good.

    How do you deal with the fish smell? All suggestions welcome.
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    bleach and dawn dish soap!

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  4. Bleach, soap,....and then keep the lid open. The best way to kill the smell is always leave the lid open and let dry fresh air circulate. If you keep the lid closed any tiny bit of moisture, even just the humidity in the air will bring the smell out of the plastic and intensify it. If its really bad let it sit out in the sun for a while with the sun shining on the inside of the cooler.
  5. I clean my fish cooler as soon as I get home. I dump everything out of it, then add a few tablespoons of cheap lemon dishwashing soap, and a couple gallons of the hottest tapwater my faucet will give. I then pick it up by the handles, and shake it a few times, then scrub it with a nylon brush. I let it sit for a while, then repeat, then rinse it out, dry it, and put it back in the basement.
  6. Full strength simple green - scrub - rinse - leave open til dry.
  7. Any soap w/ lemon seems to work for me... for some reason the lemon kills the fish smell
  8. I do the same as Het-hot water and dish detergent, then rinse it and give it a rinse with hot water and a couple of tablespoons of bleach. Leave it open to dry and never leave the lid closed tight when you store it. A cup of baking soda sprinkled in the bottom will help absorb odor from a stinky cooler-close the lid, but not tight.


  9. Exactly. Any cheap soap with lemon will work. Swish it around, let it sit, and repeat.
  10. dang, you mean you're supposed to clean them thangs? no wonder folks wont fish on my boat ;) :)
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    lol just clean it with water after each time u go out. it shouldnt smell that bad...ours dont
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    yep, i just hose it out, turn it over to dry.
  13. My original cooler bought in 1971 finally gave up and cracked.:( :eek: It never had a fishy or strong odor as I cleaned it immediately after each use and always stored it open. I have been out on some boats where I wouldn't have wanted any of the fish kepth in the "fish cooler". :eek:
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    DITTO! My buddy hooked me onto this. And it works well for me.
  15. yup, any lemon based soap. or pinesol. rinse it...and let it dry while open. never close it til it's completely dried out.
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    zorbx, it will kill any smell, you can get it at home depo
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    After a good cleaning and drying, toss in a couple of clean, dry paper towels before you close it.

    They work great at keeping it fresh. !%
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    Wash with Simple Green. Just spray on and wash out and rinse after each use. No Smell !!
  19. i put two of the shorter type 5 gallon buckets in the cooler guess they are maybe 3 gallon ice goes around em and fish go in the buckets. Cooler can be easily cleaned buckets get cleaned directly after the fish get cleaned and guts are disposed of.
  20. Same as my coffee thermos. Baking soda & hot water soaked overnight. I only use soap on tough stains.