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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PapawSmith, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. PapawSmith

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    I'm curious if I'm the only moron here that spoils his family, apparently. The night before we go out fishing we talk about it, as a family, and everyone is excited. The morning we go everyone wakes up early and is excited. While we fish everyone has a great time. We finish the successful morning trip, close up the shanty, load the fishing box, head home, everyone helps and had fun as a family. We get home everyone takes a freakin nap but the old man. What does the old man do? Drinks beer (lots of freakin beer) and filets 50 bluegill. When everyone wakes up (except the old man, he's been up all along) what does everyone do? Eat 50 freakin bluegill that the old man cooked. Is it just me? :confused:
  2. Hang in there Papa....someday one of family will want to clean with you. ?Don't give up - wait and pass it on !

  3. Sounds awesome. Thats what dads are supposed to do.

    Before long everyone will be gone and that trip will be one of your great memories.

    The family should be very proud of you. Keep up the good work.
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    Don't ya love it? everyone wants to go, ya get up early or get the boat ready the night before, (by yourself) go for the day, as soon as you hit the ramp or get home people take off. You clean the fish, clean the boat, clean the cooler, put everything yourself.
    Cant wait to do it again. welcome to the crowd.
  5. Last spring I purchased one of those metal mesh filet gloves. Showed them how on 5 fish. I won't even carry them up the hill anymore. Life is good!
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    Sure sounds like my house and to be honest, alot of the guys I fish with! But I've already showed a few friends how. It's either clean em yourself or leave em and I clean and eat! Of course, my kids are a bit small to be handling the sharp knife!!
  7. freyedknot

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    sometimes i can't even give walleye or perch away unless they have been cleand, or is it filleid???
  8. Fishers of Men

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    Ha Ha, I heard that!
  9. Reminds me of a Nursery Rhyme. Who wants to help me make the bread,not me not me. Who wants to eat the bread,I do I do! The way I see some people do it there wouldn't be anything left to eat.
  10. I have started teaching my oldest (11) how to do them up. He is learning, another year or two and I will just give him the knife and bucket.:D
  11. KaGee

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    Makes ya glad to have an electric fillet knife don't it? :D
  12. Our family isn't quite that bad. Most of the time we have to find a sitter, so I take care of that...I get the kids to the sitter while he gets everything around then when I get back, I make sure that we have drinks and snacks...then I go and get the kids while he unloads and cleans the fish...I get the kids in, of course the youngest has to play with one while dad cleans the rest, then he brings me the fillets, I get out any boes and wash them up then put them away. I think we are about 50-50. 50-Dad, loading unloading etc, 50-mom, kids and all that great stuff.
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    Papaw, your not alone...I fish with my family & friends and I am always the person cleaning fish at the end of the brother fishes as much as I do and anytime we go together, I clean (but he does have to net them all..Hahahah)! Its not because I am any better at cleaning, I think they just don't want to mess with it. Oh well, the way I see for them, two for me...I have to get paid somehow! :D
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    if i dont do it, its not done :D :p
  15. I hear that!!!! I am lucky that the majority of the people that I go out with clean the fish pretty much the the same as I do.. But there are a few that I would be better off cleaning them myself as I work to hard to waste meat and I am anal about getting ALL the bones and fat off the fillets...
  16. Two Hip

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    I hear that EZ! The brother-in-law is very good with a knife until he has that sixth beer.Then it all goes to hell, and he blames it on the knives loosing their edge.Ha Ha. There is always plenty of knives to use and stones on the table. It is only while we're cleaning perch.When it comes to the eyes we're done before he gets to that sixth beer.I have a very close friend that is the same way.Sometime I think that I am the only one who can stay sober till the fishing trip is over, and that encludes the cleaning!!!;)
  17. Eriesteamer

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    Better throw in a fresh box band aids to. LOL