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First turkey

Discussion in 'Upland Game and Hunting Dogs' started by traphunter, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Well, this was my forth year turkey hunting, and finally, I got my first one yesterday during the youth season.

    I was set up before light on a ridge that I knew turkeys used every now in then. A little before daylight I heard some gobbles off to my right, which sounded to me like a jake and a gobbler. I did some yelping and clucks with a few differnet calls, but after the sun came up all the way, them turkeys pretty much stopped gobbling. Some I let out a little more yelps then I decided to quit calling for a little bit also. So I was waiting there leaning against a tree, and I was really starting to ache. SO..... I layed down on the ground to try to ease the pain alittle. I was using my cusion as a pillow. LoL.. thats probably wasnt the smartest move. Anyway I was laying there with a turkey call still in my mouth, and I was jsut starting to drift off into sleep, when I heard something off in the distance. I sort of leaned my head up a little, and I could see something walking out close to the cattle field. At first I though that they were cows, and then I thought they were deer, and then once they cleared the brush a little bit I releized that they were turkeys, 3 of them. My heart began to race, but I knew I was in a bad postion because they was coming right towards my decoy, but I was still laying down. They was about 40 yards away when 2 of them went down into a little dip in the ground, but one of them was still directly in front of me, and he looked like he was looking right towards me. I figured he would surley see me and run. And thats pretty much what it did, except it ran right toward my decoy! I figured that was my break so I slowly rose up alittle bit. I was still half way laying down, when the other 2 turkeys came up from the dip. I was in an akward position to shoot a turkey, but I was able now to balance my gun on my knee. All three of the turkeys were hovering about my little hen decoy. The first one I had my bead on I think was a really small jake, and even though it might have had a beard, it wasnt real noticable so I didnt shoot him. However the second one had a beard hanging down, and although it wasnt big, it was still noticable, so I took aim and shot, and only two of those 3 turkeys flew away. Im not sure how big the third turkey was, but it didnt really matter to me then because I had just killed my first turkey. It was a little jake with about a 3 inch beard. After I thank God for allowing me to kill such a beautiful animal, and after it was tagged in, I took it home and butchered it. I plan on getting a fan mount done of it sometime. I hope this was the beginning of many more turkeys to come.
  2. Way to go on your first bird. After you put the first one down they start to get easier after that.

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Great jjob on your bird. Now get out & do some cattin!
  4. Job Well Done man.
    I wish I could have shot as well as you. I missed one about 25 yards first thing this morning and couldn't get any others to come close. I know they were still moving around good until around 9:30 but I just couldnt get them close. I gave up around 10 because it was starting to get too hot. I will be ready for them tomorrow morning though.