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  1. I got out for the first time this year yesterday (5/17). I headed to a private lake that a friend's brother owns. After a nice little hike we got to the pond. There wasn't a whole lot of room for 4 guys to fish. Luckily my rods were already rigged up so when we got there I started casting right away. I had the whole lake to myself. I had a Booyah Buzzbait with a clacker tied on so I started casting around and got no takers. So I picked up my other rod and started casting around a white on white "chatterbait" type lure I won last summer. Within the first 10 minutes of tossing it around I got a hit but no hook up. The a couple casts later I finally got a hook stuck in him and here is my first fish of 2008.


    Not wanting to let the fish get too familiar with my chatterbait I decided to try the buzzbait again. Still no takers so I picked up the chatterbait again. A couple minutes of casting again and I had another hook up. Here is fish number two for 2008.

    It was starting to get a little darker and I was expecting the action to pick up. I've always heard that the topwater bite picks up big time when darkness started falling. So I picked up the buzzbait again and once again I was disappointed when nothing took my offering. So back to the chatterbait I went. Shortly after switching back I got number three.

    Figuring it was to dark I didn't get a picture of fish number four. It came on a orange and yellow Venom lures chatterbait.

    To top off the night I got this fish for number five of 2008. It was also caught on the Venom chatterbait. I need to get a new scale. My scale showed this fish weighed in at 1 pound.

    I figure that between these 5 fish I could have had a tournament bag weight of 7-8 pounds. Fish 1-4 were all about the same size and then fish 5 would have been my "kicker" fish. Of course I'd never come across these fish if I were fishing a tournament. Not a bad start to the 2008 fishing season even thought I'm a couple of months behind.
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    oh no,another basser:eek::D;)
    nice going.wish i still had all those ponds available that i used to fish.bassing those is always fun.i need to find a couple more,now that i'm "bank trash" again:D
    i'm glad you finally got out and hung some fish.

    ps......................yes,i think you need a new scale,cause that fish looks to be about double the reading.

  3. I wouldn't say that just yet. I just happened to luck into those fish. I'm wondering how this pond will be once the weather straightens out and things start warming up a little more. :D

    I was pretty sure that last fish was going to be big and then when I put it on the scale it read a little over 1 pound I thought it was a little off. Heck the first fish barely moved the needle on the scale. I think I'll invest in a digital scale unless one just happens to show up to me. ;)