First-timer baitcaster?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Clayton, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Hey, I've thrown baitcasters for a while now, but only on 10' surf rods chucking catfish gear lol. Ambassadeur 6500C3's, all of those. However, with my new musky fascination, and the fact that almost all muskie rods are casting, I was thinking about trying a casting rod and reel instead of my typical spinning tackle.

    I do like the apparent smoothness of them, and the lack of line twist is sweeeeeeet.

    What sort of reel would you recommend for a budget-minded beginner? I don't want to spend more than probably 50 bucks for a reel, and likewise for a rod (if I can get away with it :))
  2. How about a 5500 C3. You have been throwing the same reel in one size larger. It looks as if you do more Bass fishing than Musky fishing, but the drag on this reel will definetly handle a Musky. I have a couple of these that I have upgraded to C4's and greased with Quantum Hot Sauce. I will sell for $50 each and I'll take care of shipping. These are older lightly used reels with handles upgraded to the paddle style that now come on all the Abu reel,s.

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    You may want to look at a Pflueger Trion round baitcaster as well. I use one for pike and it works really well. Has a rather slow gear ratio for slow rolling baits.
  4. It's a little more than the $50 you stated ($70-$80), but I started out tossing bucktails in my local river with the Shimano Corvalus on an 8ft one piece GM Guide Series Musky rod. It has a magnetic brake that helped me, once set, get used to casting it without as many "professional overruns." I had my doubts when I bought the reel about if it would hold up, but it's still kicking after a couple seasons of me beating the snot out of it.

    That said, I have to second what leeabu said, In my experiences, those 55/6500's you've been using are as freaking bullet-proof as they come.

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