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7th Season On Lake Erie
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Last night around 8pm the forecast was for waves 1-3 foot but by 4am the forecast was for 2-4 footers.

The Vermilion river was still very high and running fast but with a set of Big Boards to try out for the very first time [us and the boards] we left the dock at 6 AM, light enough to be able to see the logs and flotsome floating down the river.

We ran straight out the the Weather Buoy and started to get set up at about 7am about 1/2 mile East of the Buoy.

Never ran big planer boards before or been in a boat with them, so this was a steep learning curve in waves which were 3's and 4's.
We have been using in-line planers for last 3 years so time to try something new !

We cheated slightly in having a friend with us who had made the boards and helped us get them set up. Thanks Rob :D

Got one board out and a couple of RR's with 2oz 20 ft in front back 70 ft using Pilgrim Releases and had a very quick release and boated a 26 in Walleye :)

Ran towards the Buoy, with 3 lines out each side all pulling RR's with 2 oz weights. Pulled a small eater right at the side of the Buoy.

Going 7 for 3 in the box we were losing too many at the boat, but we were catching Walleye and only an occasional Sheephead and some good size White Bass.

Switched one over side to harness's and decided to call it at day at 11am with 6 in the box, 4 on RR's and a couple on Harness's.

Any color with some purple or red worked, speed was 1.8 to 2.0.
Not many folk out trolling there today, most were casting.
Apologies to the white and black charter boat whom I nearly ran over his big boards. Sorry about that !

All in all a great day out trying something new in a good Lake Erie chop.
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