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  1. looking to get my first license and need info on how to get the hunters saftey course done. I down loaded the take home info on the dnr website (surprised on how much of a test it is!) just curious if its a multiple choice or fill in the blank test? I took the practice test and got 100%. Is the test like that or what?
    Anyone out there take the test/give the test? Starting to wonder if its gonna be like the SAT's
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    I teach Hunters Ed in Trumbull County. Do yourself a favor and take the course. You'll get more out of it than a home study course. We have fine instructors and I think you will find it is a far better learning experience.

    To answer your questions, it is a multiple choice, true & false, and fill in the blanks test. It has 100 questions and you must get an 80% or better to pass.

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    Feel free to PM if you have any other questions.