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First time for Lester ATV & Outfitters at Presque Isle

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by lesteratv, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. My wife and I are headed up to Presque Isle on Friday morning (18th) . We'll be staying at the El Patio. Never fished there before. I have a map of the bay. Where do I go? What baits to I need? Interested in Gills and Perch. How are the current ice conditions?

    Willing to meet up with a group to help find fish. Have Vex, Will Drill!

    We will also have products on disply by CLAM Corp and Vexilar. Feel free to stop by our shack to chat, have a beer, or check out the gear.
  2. We are trying to get to El Patio around 2:30.On The ice around 4-4:30.Red Ford 250 extend cab w/ black work cap.
    Lot #2 or #4 and not walking out to far( left of first group of guys???)
    Radio 6-0?,will double check other threads to what channel has been working best and repost.
    Wax worms and pin mins. Will take minnies on sat.