First time fishing the LMR

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  1. Well I was off work today and decided to do some fishing. Ended up trying the LMR for the first time ever. I have lived by it for 18 years and have never fished in it, not sure how that one works.

    Anyway I really wanted to catch some suckers or other baitfish, ended up catching 2 smallmouth bass and 4 Drum, one of which went about 10 pounds.

    Had a good time and plan to go back again tomorrow before work, can't believe I am just now starting to fish it.
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    Good job. Sounds like a good outing. I can relate to you. I have lived here by the LMR for 12 years in the loveland area and want to get my dad out there with me soon. Good luck tomorrow too.

  3. What were you using for bait to catch the drum
  4. Tall cool one

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    Wow,that's like living next to a hot lil nympho and never tapping it. !8 yrs and never fished it,amazing,TC1
  5. Lol yeah pretty much. I have been there everyday now though since I first went.

    Been catching everything on half a night crawler on the bottom. I am actually going to start taking lures with me, now that I know there is a variety of fish in that spot I was fishing.
  6. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Great lil river ,aint it? TC1
  7. Yeah its pretty sweet, so many different kinds of fish too, never know what you have on until you get it in.
  8. that river is incredible, the diversity in unbelievable, i have personally collected almost 80 species from it in the past year. just wait until the fall thats when some of the oddballs show up. what section are you fishing? that can pretty heavily dictate what you may catch. now that you have started fishing it i warn you it will be your favorite spot
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    80 species? Well, I got 81....
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    If you want something to pass the time while waiting for the rivers to clear up, check out a book entitled, "The Fishes of Ohio," by Milton B. Trautman. It's a very old book, but an interesting read!