First time failure, what'd I do wrong?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Clayton, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Clayton

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    Girlfriend and I went camping up at Punderson this weekend, it was great :) cold as heck, but I enjoyed it anyway. Anyhoo, on Sunday, we broke camp and went to bob evans, then decided to spend the day trying to catch one of those dang steelhead you guys love so much :p

    WE ended up on the rocky river, because I figured you guys had mentioned the chagrin wasn't producing and the grand was too full of water, or vice versa, or something similar, so I proposed we hit the rock. And so we did :)

    We started out on the west fork I guess, here:

    41.363222, -81.855384

    Just check it out in google, I don't know the area names for places, so I figured GPS would be the way to go. Too windy to cast, but it gave me a moment to get my rod put into the rig I'd eventually use;

    *Egg fly (both dark pink and light, and orange, 3 separate flies used intermittently)
    *indicator, little clip on orange foam one
    *tiny tiny split shot

    First off, I dunno what people complain about casting these kinds of rigs for :p If you've spent much time trying to lay bass flies out with 4 lb test leader and no tippet (and I have) it's a breeze to get that baby shot out flat. Anyhoo.

    Since that spot was impossible, we went downstream to:


    We fished +/- 200 yds up and down the bank here, throwing the same setup. I tried to follow the directions I read on here, setting my indicator to keep the egg just barely ticking the bottom, and not getting hung up tooo terribly often. No takers in 2 hours. Moved on.

    41.407764, -81.881358

    I had broken off another fly, and therefore given up on fly rodding. Instead, I threw a HJ10 here, silver and black, and also a couple different blue fox and mepps spinners. Didn't feel like breaking out the gulp, etc. No takers, it got dark, we went home :(

    What'd I do wrong? I was able to get great drifts going with the flies, and experimented with colors too. I tried to target deeper sections, ripples, ripples into deeper sections, pools... everything I could.

    I'd LOVE to get this to work, and will definitely try agian this year, but since I'm in Columbus, it's a pretty crazy drive to make every weekend if I'm just going to strike out. I talked to several other people who said they struck out as well, and one guy claimed to have seen another guy catch 2 in a half hour...

    I don't know what to do about these dang fish!
  2. Clayton

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    Oh, and I talked to lots of people, so if you happened to chat with a guy in a red rain jacket and gray rain pants and boots, with or without a tan fly vest on, it might well have been me!

    Should have said hi :p

  3. nooffseason

    nooffseason On the water

    I looked up your coordinates. Not a pro myself having gone 0-fer on steel this year in 4 outings, but it looks like you were far upstream. Way up by cedar point road. We did receive some substantial rain in the last couple weeks which should entice fish upstream, maybe later in season there will be more fish up that way.
  4. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    Yeah, after seeing where I was on satellite, I was shocked to find how far from the lake I was!

    Ah well, live and learn. 3 weeks off on winter break... I'll be seeing you guys soon up there ;)
  5. without being there,seeing the first thought was you did not have the color they wanted.get yourself different colors.a few lt,dk,bright.those areas have fish.the bite alots of times is very subtle.just a thought. once u get 1,u will figure it out
  6. ryosapien

    ryosapien Bad@

    well i got skunked this weekend too and i know how frustrating it is. Have done ok this season though. so i will try to help some. I do not use tiny split shot usually about 3 sz b to get it down (this changes based on the depth/flow) thingamabobbers are great indicators to allow you to see the offering ticking others get drug under with that much weight. If you weren't getting snagged you were not ticking bottom. I also keep my indicator pretty high on the line. Keep your line off of the water to avoid drag i always fish 2 flies at once usually an egg followed by a small nymph. i wouldn't doubt that fish are that far up the river they can travel a long way and have probably been that far up for a month now. hope this helps alot of people do it differently but this seems like a pretty standard setup. and once you get one you will think you have it figured out until the next week you get skunked again. story of my life keep trying and have fun being outdoors
  7. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    couldn't agree more...come back closer to went from punderson to dang near berea? WOW!!! i guess it's a good thing that gas is below $2 bucks a gallon. next time, start at the emerald necklace marina, in the cleveland metro parks, and work your way back down river into the park...PLENTY of river to wade...lots of places to wet a line.
  8. Clayton

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    No can do on the waders :p I remembered from photos of rocky that there'd be plenty of places I could stand without the waders and still manage to wet a fly line.

    And I got snagged fairly often, which lends credence to the idea that I was indeed ticking bottom :p
  9. nooffseason

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    No doubt, the Rocky is very fishable from shore. It is easier when you're in the water, especially when fighting a fish, but not necessary.