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First Time at the Ocean

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by redone29, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Went to Edisto Island, South Carolina last week. It was my first time at the ocean. Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley chased us out a few days early. Did manage to get some fishing in from the beach. The local baitshop suggested using squid on the bottom. Caught a small sand shark and a sting ray. I had more bites but couldn't hook them. Kept seeing small fish jumping in front of the jetty I was fishing. Figured that was what kept biting my bait. Had something big on that snapped my line like I was using 2 pound test instead of 25 pound test. Saw lots of dolphins getting their free meal behind the shrimp boats. At one point during low tide two dolphins swam through the area we were swimming in. Pretty cool. Hopefully next year when we go back there will be no storms. I'd like to go out on a charter for some big fish. That ocean is huge. Kinda spooky knowing that little shark and ray were caught from the same area we were swimming in :eek: . Makes ya wonder what else is lurking out there.
  2. I spent a couple of weeks at the New Jersey shore a few weeks ago. I stayed at a friends beach house that was only three houses from the beach.Caught a lot of kingfish, fluke, bluefish off the surf this year. I also got to use his 25 foot center console and got into some nice small to mid size tuna and bonito which was a real blast on light tackle. What was real wild is that I got spooled twice while fishing off the surf at night. My reel holds 350 yards of 20 lb test. I would run up and down the beach and fight the beast for twenty minutes till I would tighten down the drag and break it off before it would spool me again. A guy that was fishing down the beach from me had his drag too tight and it took his pole right out of the pole holder. In a blink it was gone. The next day the family and I spent the day on the beach and went swiming. The tide was going out and it had a nice sand bar forming. Water temp was 74 degrees and crystal clear. Went out for a swim and was standing about 50 yards from the shore on the sand bar. All of a sudden I looked around and noticed all these huge dark brown objects that surrounded me . There must of been 60 or 70 of them. All I could hear in my mind was the theme song of JAWS going off in my head. I almost freeked when one ran into me and almost knocked me down. I said to myself what a way to go and got ready for the worst. After one came up to me about an arms distance away I finally realized they were only giant sting rays. They must of been as wide as a dining room table. The rays were on the spawn and would go right into the wash at low tide. All the years I spent at the Jersey shore I never seen anything like it. You could see pods all up and down the beach . It was a real head rush to swim and spend time with these beautiful creatures. Something I`ll never forget. These rays are harmless except for the big brown sharks that come in and feed on them :eek: :eek: :eek: .....JIM

  3. We vacationed for several years at Edisto Island. We had a great time there. It is really less commercialized and the beaches are not too crowded. You mentioned spotting the dophins behind the shrimp boats so it sounds like you were down in the area that we always stayed. We were actually right at the end of the beach before it goes into the river. You could always spot the dolphins. We always went in early June but we never did too well on the surf fishing there either. We caught a ton of small sharks, mostly Atlantic shortnose. My buddy caught about a 30" hammerhead once. That does make the swimmers a bit nervous when you bring those out of the water that they were just swimming in.:eek: If you want to catch more of the sharks try it after dark. I did that a few times and actually got tired of catching the little things. They were only about 18" long. But they say that nighttime is the time to hook into a larger one. They are there.

    If you are close to the river itself you may want to try from within the river at some point. We watched a couple catch a few whiting one day just up in the mouth of the river. If you are on up the beach then you have to look for the troughs and try fishing the groins. There were always guys along the groins that were catching a few sea trout and whiting. However, the ocean fishing varies by season so you will want to check with the locals to find out what is in during that time. I never did the charter thing but after doing one this summer on our trip to California I am regretting that I never tried in the years that I was there. We had a blast!

    If you look to go again next year and your schedule allows for it you may look at going earlier. The rates jump significantly in mid-June and keep climbing throughout the summer. Also, June should keep you out of hurricanes.
  4. Just got back from Ocean Isle Beach, NC on 8/22. Hurricane Charlie screwed up the intercoastal with a flood of fresh water so the blue crab bite was poor (bait shop said they head out to ocean for salty water). Last year this time we filled 54 quart coleman coolers in an hour or two. Surf fished with mixed results. Pulled in a 5' stingray after a 20 minute battle (1/0 hook, steel leader, squid bait). Drew a crowd when I got it near shore with mother's of young children in a panic. Daughter caught a 18" shark and we cuaght about 8 other small fish of various species. We fished for only a few hours here and there. My cheapy shakespear big game reels are probably toast with all the sand and salt, but will attempt to take clean/lube if rusty screws come out.
  5. Yeah, cleaning the reels every outing is a must in the salt water. With my first surf reel I would clean it somewhat but just not enough. Now I spray them down totally after every outing. Then I usually take the time when packing up to tear them apart and clean the inside out and apply fresh clean grease. If you don't you may very likely have an unusable reel the following year when you pull it out of storage.:( I have even heard of some people soaking them in fresh water to clean them up. You may get by with this method as opposed to tearing them apart totally.

    I am glad to hear that you were not blown out of your vacation despite the hurricane.

    By the way whereabouts did you vacation on the coast?