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First time at Tanners

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Mean Morone, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. Well, I finally made it to the Tanners Creek boat ramp with my buddy Lunkerhuntin. Couldn't believe our luck. Got there around 2:00 pm saturday and had to wait in line to put the boat in. We asked a fellow if there was a bass tourney going on and he said that there were TWO tourneys going. Bad sign. We finally got the boat in the water and headed to our not so secret hybrid hole that isn't on the Ohio River and caught shad pretty quick. I had the first hit not 5 minutes after we started. It was a nice hybrid and put up a nice fight before spitting the hook back at me. Nother bad sign. We fished this
    area until dark. I got one more small hybrid about 2 LB. We caught some more nice sized shad and headed to the big water. Decided to fish a flat at the mouth of the not so secret hybrid spot. Water was 7 or 8 ft deep, but thought that it would be good because of the wood in the water and good depth close by. There were two other boats just down stream from us, so we thought it must be a good spot. Lunkerhuntin got the first three runs and finally put a nice little flathead in the boat. Probably 6 or 7 LB. He said that he finally got the skunk off of him, and I said where is your camera. Seems like it is your word against mine. LOL. Anyway, I did manage a little 2 LB channel cat on cut shad. After we caught those two fish, the gar flat wore us out. Couldn't get much sleep for all the drag screaming. Didn't catch another fish. We woke this morning to the sound of tourney bass fisherman buzzing past us a little past 6:00 am. We went back to the hybrid hole to see if anything was happening. Gar had moved in. Didn't get another bite. We took the boat out around 10:00 am. We fished close to 20 hrs for 1 hybrid, 1 channel cat, and 1 flathead. Still had fun. Oh, if you see bubbles coming up, it's probably from all those shad stuffed gar.