first success with a plastic worm!!!

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  1. I've been trying to learn to use soft plastic baits for the last couple of years now and up until yesterday, I had NEVER caught ANYTHING on plactis. Despite spending probably a couple hundred $$ on baits, scents, hooksm rods, reels. I was about to resign myself to use only live bait. I swear I have read and reread every post here, and every other website and followed advise to the T and was just never successfull at all. But I kept trying and finally hooked a nice little bass yesterday in a private pond. I was ecstatic! Most of you will probably read this and say "big deal?"!!, but to me, as frustrated as I was, I was on cloud 9 all night. I

    I went on to catch 2 more on the same lure and the exact same presentation.

    I don't know how many times, I have beed told or read somewhere on presentation to "let the fish tell you the proper presentation". Well that seemed impossible since I NEVER even got a stupid bite!!! :D

    But last night I finally found a method that works for me. "Bout frikkin' time!!!"

    Anyway, this site was a big help, it just took a lot of persistance to get there.

    Now to see if I can repeat my little success on another body of water!!! :confused: :D :D :D

    I was going to post a picture of the bass, but the file is to big. I will try to reduce it and post it.
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    congratulations. :) i can understand where youre comin from. i bet you didnt care how big the fish was....its just cool to get a new technique to work.

  3. Thanks!

    Your right, hell I wouldn't have cared if it was stupid blue gill, just the fact that a fish believed it was a live was shock! I am very happy that they were each decent size bass. Not tourney winners at all but for me they were better than average.

    Here is the second one I caught last night. There other two were smaller.

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  4. Nice bass! :cool:. You are now prbably way ahead in the game due to all your efforts provided you look back and remember what worked and what didn't.
    Experience and application of past sucess methods are what it takes to become a good plastic fisherman. A strong dose of confidence in what you are using also helps a lot. :)
  5. well said. you have got to believe in what you are throwing
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    The Rubber worm has been my Biggest Bass Catcher out of all the Lures I have. Congrats on your Catch :D
    Cat Mazter
  7. Congrats on the fish and learning a new presentation. The first time will build up the confidence and you'll be inclinded to use the plastic worm more often. I do have one suggestion. Go with a 6 inch plastic lizard. The darker green works for me. You fish it just like a plastic worm and the bass love it. I have completely stopped using plastic worms. I have caught a number of 4-7# bass on the lizard. Again, congrats on the plastic worm, hope it continues to produce.
  8. I'll have to give lizards a try.
    The worms I used were 7" purple Berkley twister tails, rigged with a 4/0 hook and no other wieght on 8 lbs mono.

    It seemed really big for the worm, but I read a post somewhere on here, I think it was in the bass forum, that a lot of people use a 7" worm and a 4/0 hook. That's why I tried it! My wife even commented that she'd be surprised if I caught anything on it. But sure enough I did!

    Any particualr brand of lizard that you like better?
    Would you rig the way I did? on the 6" lizard or would the 4/0 hook be to big?

    Thanks for the advise!
  9. I like some of Zoom's creature (lizard-type) plastics. Their Brush Hog and Baby Brush Hog have done pretty well for me, opting for the smaller size when the Bass aren't biting so much. I agree with the earlier post that some shade of green seems to do best although I have had some success with pumpkinseed coloring as well. Good luck to you and congrats.
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    zoom makes really nice lizzards... 90% of the time i throw a zoom 4 inch lizard texas rigged on a 1/0 or 2/0 hook.. i feel 6 inch lizzards feel to heavy and big but its all on what you feel comfortable with...
  11. what type of reel do you use to fish soft plastics? You may have been missing fish an not even knowing it. I know when I first started fishing soft plastics i missed about 20 fish before i realized that i was getting bites and it wasn't just structure in the water.

  12. I go with the Zoom 6 inch plastic lizards in watermellon seed ( I think)! It's a darker green with black spots. I rarely use the 4 inch, 6 inch usually always works for me. I usually throw it on a 6'6" medium-heavy spinning rod with a spinning reel and 8 pound test. It's heavy enough to hook them. I rig the 6 inch on a 3/0 hook.
  13. I felt the same way man. Only lure until this year that I EVER caught fish on was the Roostertail. I now have faith in crankbaits. Now I have to learn to use plastics also.
  14. I am using an Abu Garcia spinning rod with 8 lbs now.
    When i first started, i was using a 6'6" medium heavey baitcaster.
    I had thought that maybe the rod wasn't sestitive enough, not to mention casting that light worm with the baitcaster was a nightmare!
    It has been relagated to heaving crankbaits.
  15. congrats on getting the plastics to work. tonight i got my first bites on a lure ever. i totally understand how it feels to catch a fish on an artificial lure. right now i am after panfish, i'll have to look into plastic worms and doing a texas rig to get bluegill.

    once again. congrats!!! :D
  16. If you are after bluegill I would use a small jig and a grub/another small plastic. Texas rigged worms generally are too big for bluegill. Although I suppose you could rig up a teeny texas rig, it doesn't seem neccesary, especially since you don't generally have to fish in much cover to catch bluegill. That's just my two cents though.
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    i love crankbaits. catch just about anything with them.
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    Congratulations man. It is awesome to catch them on a worm. My favorite method. Watch the worm as you work it ....and when it disappears............set the hook! :D
    I love sight fishing. :cool:

    - Rumi
  19. i catch tons of largemouths on yellow twister tail with beatle spin on it