First Steelhead of the Year

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  1. Me and Riverrunner88, Jake, have been trying to hook up for a while now. So we ended up meeting up today at the Gander mtn. We then took off from there. At our first spot we ended up running into MuskieJim and one of his friends. They gave us some eggs, Thanks for those eggs it seemed like the steelhead preferred those over the jig and maggot combo. So we did some walking to our first location and were getting ready to do some fishing when I remember that my tacklebox was in my waders, in my truck. So I had to hoof it back to the truck and get my gear. When I got Back to our spot I had a nice sweat worked up. We started fishing then ran into Rich from Gander. He had the day off too an he was out. He said the bite was a little slow there so we packed up and headed out, a little after they left. We went to another part of the river in hopes of finding some fish. When we got there we ran into a guy, in the parking lot, who said that they weren't biting. We thought we would give it a try anyways. we started fishing the pools and shortly after we got there we had a few hits and misses. I decided to move up river. While I was up there Jake had one break him off, and while he was retying I hooked up with a nice hen. It was fun to get the blood pumping again. After a short fight we landed her. Turned out to be a nice 21" hen. Shortly after we landed her the wind started to pick up and the temp dropped. We stayed for another hour than called it a day. All hits were on the eggs that Muskiejim gave us. They didn't seem to interested in the jig and maggot. After changing over to eggs I got my first fish with in a few drifts. Now that I got out I want to go again. It was great getting out on some of the "Alaskan" rivers. Work has really taken a lot of my fishing time out. So thanks Jake and Jim for helping me get my first steelie of the 09' season. Jake well have to hit the hardwater sometime soon. In case anyone was wondering we decided to hit the Grand today. I know it is a little hard to tell from the photo!:p :D;)

    Here is the Pic

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  2. corndawg

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    Nice job on your first Cromedome of the year. Sounds like you were with some good company. It’s been a while since I’ve been streamside but that steel porn helps feeds the fever. Oh, and by the way, from your pic I know exactly where that stretch of the grand is :) .

  3. great fishin with ya matt glad we finally got out! alittle slow but still a great day on the water. A HUGE thanks to jim for those eggs and some great advice!..hope you guys got into em!
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  5. Any fish this time of year is a bonus! Nice job!
  6. freyedknot

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    rocky river today and my pb steelhead is this a hen? caught a small one too. [​IMG]
  7. yep its a hen, nice fish how long was she??
  8. freyedknot

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    prolly 26 . i just measured it on the rod from my pic.
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    Peple....Congrat's to you guy.........and may the good life prevail. Love the Yukon touch to your pic. .......Jon Sr.
  10. Very nice steelie! Is that Mt Fielder in the background? LOL
  11. MuskieJim

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    Nice gentleman! I'm glad you guys got into some fish! Can't beat the fresh steelie eggs! In any case, feel free to hit me up anytime if you guys are out that way again. I'd love to meet at the river and punish on some chrome.

  12. No! That's the new gander mountain store. Looks pretty real doesn't it. :p :D
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    Pretty awesome picture. Beautiful lighting and location!
  14. freyedknot that isn't a new rod or anything is it? lol
  15. Freyedknot,
    I swear you'll catch tons more fish if you take that plastic off your cork handles and let some fish slime and egg juice soak in there. It brings good luck! :p

  16. bassmanmark

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    Nice job...this time of year jig and maggot isn't the best way to go I wouldn't think. If in the V a white or cream colored egg pattern is a good choice. Eggs of course will always work. Jig and maggot always works best for me in the fall..right before the mass minnow entrance or right after they leave. The Dan Z Zonker is a good pattern to use early in the morning in the Chagrin followed by size 16 or so prince nymphs later in the morning. Just a couple things that have worked for me when nothing is hitting. A single egg is a good choice with 4lb fluro. when they have been hit hard.