First squirrel on his 10th Birthday!!!!!!!!

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  1. My brother took his son Jimi out hunting on his birthday yesterday the 8th, It was his birthday. He was lucy enough to bad his first squirre with my friends old NE 410. Real big ol' red! He says he's gonna get more, but the biggest thing on his mind now is that he should get to shoot a deer next year. LOL! There is just nothing like the excitement in a kids face when he gets his first tropy, and Jimi was no exception. He is eagerly waiting for his tail to dry so that he can hang it in his room and start his own trophy wall.



    Can ya tell that Daddy was proud????!!!!!

  2. Man I remember when both my boys took their first squirrel & both of them were 10, too.; they're 21 & 17 now. I had them hunt small game for 2 years before they deer hunted & it drove them nuts !! Tell your nephew congrats & his daddy to savor every single moment.
    Great pix, too !!

  3. congrats to the new huntsman! bet he had to be drug outta the woods. my son is hooked as well, major wanting to hunt deer this year, told him he would have to work on his marksmanship a bit so we'll see
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    GREAT!!!! cant wait for my kid to be old enough to go hunting!!! thats a big fox also!!! thanks for posting up makes me want my kid to be older lol!!