First saugeye on the Fly

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  1. Hit a set of riffles last Wednesday above Scioto Park and caught my first Saugeye ever FFing. A very healthy little 13"er. I was tempted to take him home make a fish stick out of him. I am still amazed at the quality of fish in the Scioto. I also landed a half dozen SM, one which reminded me of those toy footballs we had as a kid. What a chunkette. I hung in the same spot for about 1-1/2 hours and the fish all hit in the middle of my time there. My guess is that I hit the right combo of time of day and the right water level - or it could just be my incredible fishing skills - yeah, that's the ticket.

    Anyway, it is always fun to catch toothy critters. How big is average and how big can they get in the Sci?
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    Congrats, I haven't caught a saugeye yet on fly, I've only been twice since I bought a new fly outfit. Did you catch them on top? The only luck I had was with a pete something or other topwater fly.

  3. Rweiss, caught one by accident in Hoover last Spring while Crappie fishing.

    The guy out near me that day was hauling them in left and right about 15-16" or so..he told me that white 3 in Twisters dragged along the bottom does it.

    I keep meaning to tie some Wollies with long tails in White and bring the sink-tip.
  4. I caught all my fish on the Chartreuse Mallard Minnow. I'm having a hard time putting on another fly as I have yet to be skunked while fishing the CMM.
  5. Had agreat day in that very spot Saturday and went back and forth between top water and a "combo" fly, tied with a red bead eye to look a bit like a Rock Bass, a small space, brass bead added to allow for some clacking then a bushy brown, "hackley" body.

    In the morning I was dragging it along the bottom like a Crayfish and picked up 10 or so Smallies and too many Rockies to count. As the afternoon set in, I started stripping faster, like a streamer and picked up many, many more...the Smallies were waking at it, charging.

    I love the look of the Chart. Mallards but haven't gotten the Smallie to step-up to them yet but this spring they were great for Crappie and LM Bass.

    Gonna try some Black Bunny Leeches next, a guy I run into spin fishing from time to time was cleaning up with soft plastic leeches...he and I were totally outfishing everyone around!
  6. average size out of the section of the scioto range between 8-16 inches. Dont get me wrong, some people will pull out a 17 incher plus, just doesnt happen much. the majority of eyes ive caught near dublin have been 10-14 inches all year

    further south below griggs you will get larger eyes. i saw a post on here where a ogf member caught a 22 inch eye there. ive been down there 3-4 times, havent caught one over 13 inches there.

    also, dont feel bad, take saugeyes if you want too. the odnr stocks them as a put and take fish for anglers.