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    tsieber2003 Tim Sieber

    This is my first post here. I am relatively new to fishing. What are the regulations for crappie? Limit? And Size?

  2. tsieber2003

    tsieber2003 Tim Sieber

    My second question is, again I am new to fishing, are they difficult to clean? Is there are good illustration on cleaning somewhere on-line? I am going to Nimisila tomorrow



    vandrews gave u the odnr site and that site should answer almost every question u should have and i take it that u didnt look at your fishing rules and regulations that u got when u got your fishing license if u old enough to get one?
  4. There is a pamphlet that is available anywhere they sell fishing licenses that will tell you all the limits and regulations specific to each lake, and river in Ohio. It is handy to keep with you, that way if your not sure about the particular lake you are fishing you will have it on hand.
  5. probably your best bet
  6. ...tsieber2003...The cleaning part is easier to show than to explain...My cleaning is to fillet them...I start by cutting just behind the gill the bone on one side..then I insert the knife blade and run it down the back bone ..on one side clear to the tail...using the knife tip I go back and forth lifting the fillet as I this down past the rib cage take some of the belly with it...cut the fillet the whole way through go back towards the tail...keep the fillet attached to the tail can use the tail as a means of holding the fillet as you take the skin cut the fillet out start at the tail...cut down ...not to hard but to the skin...lay the knife flat and draw the knife back towards the wide meat part ...or where the head used to be...the fillet will lay there but it will not be attached to the skin...Flip it over and do the other side...You have to use a very sharp fillet knife.....after the fillet is removed run your fingers down the middle of the fillet if you feel bones just cut it out and there is a boneless fillet...As I said it is easier to show than to explain....If you are not too far from me give me a call and come over I will be happy to show you how...
    I live in the Ravenna Area....
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    While his fish is probably bigger than your average crappie, it is a very clear demonstration of how to fillet a fish. :) It takes practice! Watch out for bones when you're eating your fish because tiny little rib cage bones have a way of sticking in the fish, especially in trout if you ever go fishing for them.

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