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  1. Went to the far East this morning and got my first chromer of the year.Got to the the river around 9 a.m. and there was 5 guys fishing the mouth that said there were 3 caught earllier but it had died down.As I put on my waders guys were chuckling and telling me I was wasting my time if I was going upstream.After about a mile hike and five small waterfalls I was starting to think they were right.But alas my early season spot paid off once again.Had a nice pod of 23 fish in front of me and the only thing in my way was one million creek chub.LOL.Everything I tried to drift to the steel was pounced on by chubs as soon as it hit the water.after 2 hours of unhooking chubs a got a jack to hit a prince nymph.Going through everything in my chest pack I found a gold 1/16oz little cleo.Every cast for the next hour had 3-5 chromer chasing it to my feet but never hitting it.:( On my 10th last cast;) I hooked and landed a nice 24-25" chromer.What a great feeling after all these years im still surprised at the fight in fresh fall steelhead.Sorry no pics.I will take the camera tomorrow.
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    Great job!!! Keep the posts coming.

  3. what river??? Thanks
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    there coming in f%%k ya!!!!!!!
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    good luck getting an answer to that, LOL! He probably wouldn't tell his grandmother ....

    Here they come, getting PSYCHED!
  6. Boy thats great news, won't be long now!
    I've started compiling a list of excuses for showing up to work late or not at all.
    I'm about to leave for a party near 16 mile creek, hopefully I will get up early and find a park at one of the creeks. This post is definitly providing me with some incentive, I'll have to take it easy on the beers tonight!
  7. Big boy are you kiddin me no one kisses and tells this tiime of year.