first musky !!

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  1. caught a 39 incher at cc this evening finally !!! took some photos on my phone and put him back safely. what a exciting fish. that was the 7th or 8th i have hooked but the first one in the boat.
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    Good job glad to hear someone is catching them.

    I will be heading out tomorrow for some ski fishing at CC. I have not been since late May. Need to get the skunk out of my boat.

    How is the water condition? Is it still a mud hole?

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to the pics!
  4. thanks guys!! here is the pic it came from my phone so its not very good.. the musky hit a buzz bait.

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  5. Nice job and CnR.... One of these day ill get one...!!!

  6. Way to go, Jimmy!
    I'll bet that got the ol' ticker a pumpin'.
    Better than...uh...catching bluegill.
  7. Great lookin fish! Congrats again!
  8. Nice fish!! I remeber my first muskie, hooked a bunch before it, talk about a heart pounding experience. Congrats!
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    Congrats! Nice fish :D
  10. Great looking fish you have there. Congrats
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    Congrats! That must have been a huge thrill, not only to catch a fish like that, but to catch it on a topwater bait would be the icing on the cake!!:B
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    Nice fish, I got my first one this year at Cave Run! It DID take a couple years and 9999 casts, but I got one (almost caught 2 that day).