First musky of 2009

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  1. The weather has been breaking for a couple days here with no rain so a buddy and I decided to hit the rivers today for a little musky fishing. Overall it was pretty slow but I did manage this little guy on the small shad lure I posted in the "pictures" thread at the bottom of the page. Didn't bother with a measurement, guessing maybe 32", just hoisted him up for a quick photo and back in. The season is never over if you can find soft water, lol.

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    Sweet, Nice looking Musky. The colors are fantastic. That makes being out in the cold worth it. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  3. ...Nice looking Musky as DaleM say's nice colors...Just proves if you target them can be caught year round...C.L...
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  4. Way to start the year Jerkin!! Maybe you can help Howard with his talk tonight?? haha