First Musky at WB!

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  1. 7/27/08: Got my first musky after countless hours (I think 2 years). Trolling by the dam, turning the deeper buoys, 35' of water, hit a lure running 8-10' deep.

    10 minute fight. 38" and approx. 25 lbs (didn't weigh ... wanted to get 'em back in the water). (How's the weight sound compared to length? He was girthy!)

    Wife and 2 daughters witnessed. It was the Super Bowl of Fishing!
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    congrats man!! you wont forget your no one does...since ya asked the weight was no more than 20.. yes, it is the superbowl of fishing.good job.

  3. Buick Riviera

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    good job. I've caught one by accident about 15 years ago at Leesville.

  4. Congrats to you. That's specially sweet that your family got to be there. I have a wife and three daughters and not one of my daughters have been there to get a muskie. They get bored trolling so hardly ever go anymore. Hopefully, yours will continue to go now that they know what it can be like. Way to go!! My wife almost caught her first Tuesday morning but it got off. I picked up a 36" at dusk this evening.
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    Nice job man! I'm like Steve, family gets bored with trolling so I'm almost always by myself. I'm sure your daughters got a kick out of that big toothy gal.
  6. Primus...Congrads I know how you feel I felt I won my Super Bowl of Fishing last Friday and it was at West Branch also ...Great job guy to have family on board when you did ... made it that much more special...
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