First Muskie!!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by imbassin, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Got my first muskie ever. Below Alum 4-6-08 8:45 pm. Didn't have tape or scale. About 38-40 in. Got it on a jig.:B Got a pic but can't figure out how to upload. Could someone help me?
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    Heres how you find that out BigDog. Go to the main forum page and scroll down to OGF news and events click and open forum, the second line down explains it all.just make sure you have the right size picture if not it will not post. Good Luck

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    Thank you! I am not that good on computers.
  4. awesome! Remember to thank the DNR for stocking them so heavily.
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    Congrats! I remember how much of a rush my first muskie (about 30 miles downstream from yours) was!
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    Congrats on your first muskie! That's a nice fish, especially for your first one. Be careful, you might catch muskie fever. It's an expensive and addictive sickness but very rewarding. My first fish came from below the dam at Alum exactly 10 years ago on Wednesday 4/9 and many more spillway skis followed. Hopefully you will continue the pursuit.

    If you could, please log onto the "Muskie Angler Log" on the ODNR website ( and report your catch. The "Muskie Angler Log" has taken the place of the discontinued muskie scale sample program. The ODNR needs are feedback to help keep our muskie stocking program strong. It will only take a few minutes to set up a user name, password and enter your info. Thank you in advance for your participation.
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    Hey, I got hold of a Musky Sunday. Was throwing a silver rattle trap on a rocky point and he blasted it. I fought him for a little bit, but never landed it. I wasn't really trying because I didn't have a camera with me. I was trying to get a scale sample though. I did not realize that program went away. Anyway, before I could get him close enough to grab the sample, my trap popped out of his mouth. He had to be at least 45 inches long. My question is, even though I did not land it, should I still report the info to the ODNR?
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    Congrats Imbassin!

    TR, it sounds like you could have netted it so I would consider that a caught fish. You should log into the system and record the fish. It only takes a minute and it is a very user friendly site.

  9. When peope say below Alum, where are you talking about?
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    Sweet. Congrats.

    I'm still waiting to catch my first Musky. I don't fish for them much. I'm sorta hoping for a accidental Musky while I'm Bass fishing sometime.
  11. wow good job guys i just talked to a buddy that cought one below alum the other day fishing for saugeye also he said it was 20 inches of the meanest fish he ever cought hes dieing to get back out
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    I'm sure that was done when he payed for his fishing license!!;)
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    I'm hoping to get my first muskie this year. What are some good baits to throw at Alum?
  14. JamesT
    I caught mine on a 3" chartreuse grub w/1/8oz ball jig head.
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    I have never targeted Musky, but I have had several of them on up at Alum. And landed a couple. Again, I don't really like to take them out of the water anymore. But if I ever get a 50 inch plus, I would want a picture of that. And it seems I catch them on something different everytime. But it is almost always in April or first week of May while bass fishing. I don't know if they are waiting to grab bedding bass or what, but I usually get them in 3-4 feet of water in the entrance to a cove. Those are generally smaller ones. The ones on the main lake are usually bigger. And again, rattle trap, crank bait, spinner bait...flashy, shiny, or whatever triggers them.

    If I ever started targeting them, I would probably never catch another one.:(
  16. Congradulations........!!! nice fish there!