first muskie trollin....

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by al capone, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. thanks for the help guys.........caught this one trollin at alum friday night......

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  2. crittergitter

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    Awesome fish! Well done.


  3. thank you.....dont think i would ever have caught one without the info i got from this site......thanks again folks....NOW IM A MUSKIE JUNKIE
  4. MuskieJim

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    Great looking fish Capone! Not trying to take anything away from you, but you should try to hold the fish a little more horizontal. Holding them vertical like that puts a lot of stress on their spine and internal organs.

    Regardless, you're now hooked for sure! What did you catch her on? I've been itching to get out and troll at night.
  5. your right about the way i was holding her.....i wasnt thinking at the time....i released her in good shape though.....i was useing a rapala x-rap magnum 15
  6. MuskieJim

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    I have a two of those Rapala X Raps but have yet to put one on.....looks like I will now :)
  7. from what i picked up here i was trollin to deep......10 to 13 feet is what i was told to troll AND IT WORKED THE FIRST NIGHT....muskie junkie for life...the only fix is another
  8. did anyone else troll at alum during the full moon phase this weekend?
  9. great fish, congrats on your catch
  10. thanks gonna hit again this weekend....anyone in?
  11. Congrats ! A 48" is a great fish for Alum, even better if it's your first trolling fish ! Sounds like it has been a great year there this year, I usually fish it alot but have not made out much this year. Hope to hit the fall bite a little harder.
  12. thanks...ive heard rumors of larger fish 50 to 52" ive been told..........