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  1. Hello,
    I'm Bob Dlwgosh an A student at St. Johns and Paul high school with aspirations towards the Coast Guard academy. This summer I'm interested in working as a first mate for a charter captain. I've been walleye fishing with my dad for the last 6 years and am knowledgable in running dispys, inline boards and downriggers. I'm experienced in handling dock lines, tying leaders and if needed driving the boat. I have earned my certificate in boating safty from the state of Ohio. I have limited experience with the big boards but I want to learn. I am even willing to pay for participation in the drug testing program. If anyone can help me to find work along the Ashtbula river or out of Geneva or Conneaut(anywhere close enough to home) as a first mate, or any work around fishing or boats, it would be greatly apperciated. My e-mail is thanks

    Bob Dlwgosh
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    Bob, post this in the Lake Erie area, maybe someone up there may be able to help. Good luck to you! Sounds like you have a plan.