First Jointed/Carved Bait

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    I just finished this first jointed bait, which I carved in the gill detail as well...technically I am not finished...I want your suggestions before I finish...the black side bars have no clear coat yet so they can stay or would you do it...keep them or go with just green sides? I will finish based on your comments, so let me know. I also carved out the eye sockets and glued in faceted beads, which really flash some nice colors tilted in the is made from spanish cedar and has a full through wire construction, weighs 2.2 ozs before hooks and should run about 2-5 feet deep. So let me know your thoughts on the side bars...keep them or wipe them off? Thanks.


  2. Looks great! I like the bars on the sides.

    Nice carving also and I like those eyes.


  3. Fug,

    I like it....keep the bars, you need some kind of contrast on the sides.

  4. I like this and I'd keep the bars.

    I noticed that you found an excellent piece of netting for this one. It is a finer netting and seems to have a second almost diamond shape engraved in the pattern also. It does a lot for this bait and the fine scaling enhances the eyes...and those gems you inlaid are cool.

    You're rockin, Fugie!:D
  5. awesome job fug, keep the bars , like RJ says nice contrast

  6. Great looking bait, keep the side bars they add some zing.
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    Well, I put the final clear coat on tonight and with a unanimous "yes" to the bars, they stayed. Actually I wiped them off and repainted them because I marred a few while gluing the lip in place. I would post the finished product, but it really looks much like the pics below! Thanks for the input and your comments!

    Vince, The netting was quite a surprise...I liked the look when I saw it in the store (I spend my lunches at the fabric stores now) due to the little areas where it was bunched, but when I took it off after painting, like you said, it presents an almost snake skin look...I will be using it again!
  8. It's funny how things go, my wife wonders why I am looking at lace patterns on