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  1. I was thinking 3 lbs, but others are telling me more. It was nice whatever it was.:B What weight line is everyone using. I've always used 8 lb for bass but no real reason. It really seemed strained while pulling the fish out of the water on an inclined bank. I'm thinking about changing to 12 or 15.

  2. That's probably around 3 pounds mmaybe even a bit under but pictures are tough to tell. I bet it would come in around 2.12 on a digital scale. I'm pretty acurate with fish under 4 pounds, once they hit 4 or more it gets much tougher to guesstimate. either way nice fish, I use different line for different conditions and it all depends on what baits I'm throwing, I always use braid on topwater lures and use 10lb yozuri hybrid on all my soft plastics. If it's raining I will usually switch over to the 10lb high vis yellow suffix line. It has helped tremedously detecting bites when visibility isn't too good. You should get a digital scale, rapala makes one that is pretty good for around 20 bucks, never know when your gonna hit that big one, you will wish you had a scale

    Here are some nice fish that we were way off on when trying to guess, we guessed then weighed them, anyone want to guess?


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  4. 6,4,3.75,5.......thats my guess....
  5. 6-5-4-8

    when are you going to tell us?
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    Typing the same thing!
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    4,6,2,4 thats my guess, interested to see the real numbers. Photos can be so deceiving.