First GMR pike

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  1. Yeah, it's small but I've never caught a northern pike and my son found this one in an unlikely location. It was really cool because he talks about catching a northern all the time. "Hey Dad, maybe we'll catch a northern today!" Well, he did it.

    He also got a nice crappie, which I haven't seen in the area for a long time. 3 more smallies rounded out his day while I got skunked. The river is starting to offer some good stuff lately.

  2. Hey nice catch! The river is full of suprises, got to love it.:)

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    Don't feel bad about getting skunked, i fished a couple hours tonight and caught two smallies about the size of my thumb. (I was throwing a husky jerk that looks like the lure on your son's line.) At least somebody's catching something!
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    i love fishing the river because you never know what you are going to catch. there are so many different species. i havent caught a pike yet but thats the beautiful thing i could go out fishing for smallies and catch one tommorow. i was catfishing the other night and caught a carp with a piece of cutbait? crazy.
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    Nice catch! It's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but I think that may be a musky, not a northern.

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    Congratulations to your son on a very healthy looking pike! Hope it's the first of many for him. Is dad catching fish???
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Kinda hard to tell with the way the light is hitting it.

    I don't suppose you have any other pictures of it do you? If so please post.

    It is great that there is a population of northerns in the GMR. It would be fantastic if there were also muskie.
  8. I think it is a Northern because of the rounded tail tips and it generally seemed to be a darker fish with light markings, as opposed to a light fish with dark markings. Here's a closeup and the only other photo I took while it was flopping around.

  9. No, Dad got skunked again this morning while he caught 5 healthy rock bass. I've been throwing some big baits looking for a BIG FISH!
  10. Looks like a pike in the close-up. The light in the first pic did make it look musky-ish, though! Awesome catch!
  11. Thanks for the additional pics. I agree it is a northern.

    Tell your son congratulations on a fine catch. Now just wait until he does catch his first muskie, then you will be in trouble.
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    Nice catch Ive only caught one this year about 25". But a good sign is that people are starting to catch smaller ones which I believe is a sign of reproduction. Im trying the river tonight Ill post how I do
  13. There is no question. Thats a pike, pike have spots and muskies if they have any markings will have bars. that fish deffinenlty had spots. I saw someone catch a small musky out of the gmr by taylors vill dam a few years ago so I know there are some in there. I have caught many pike out of the GMR as well though and there is a limited population there.

  14. Not trying to start anything here so please don't take it as such. Just trying to help.

    There are four general "types" of muskies: Clear (no markings), Barred, Spotted, and Tiger (northern/muskie hybrid). There is another but it is exclusive to Eagle Lake in Canada (Leopard-Tiger Muskie).

    Clear Muskie:

    Spotted Muskie:

    Barred Muskie:
  15. anyone ever catch any pike south of franklin? It seems like the ones being caught are all up north. Just curious because thats about as far north as I get on the GMR and wouldnt mind catching a pike.
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    Great... now I have another variation to add to my "to catch before I die" list! Guess I need to plan a trip to Canada. I never heard of that particular variation of muskie before.... I still have to land a tiger! Need to cross a Northern off my list too.
  17. Weatherby -

    Very interesting. I had no idea there were so many variations. As far as muskies in the GMR go, I can recall 3 persons who claim to have caught them in the GMR in Miami County over the years. They may very well have been northerns mistaken for muskies. Northern pike are a rare find around here, but I have seen photos of some sizable catches. About 20 years ago, a friend showed me a very long northern in his freezer, which he claimed to be a "State Record". I don't know about the supposed record, but it was big and it was taken from local waters.
  18. getting a pike anywhere in southern OH is a rare catch, congrats!