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  1. Well today i finally took a step in the right direction and bought my first fly rod and reel. headed over to Rod Makers in strongsville, real nice shop very helpful in my decision, i never knew the store was there til i read about it in the forums. I ended up getting a riversider 9' 7-8wt rod and the Okuma integrity 7-8wt reel. put it together when i got home and it feels great, just cant wait to get out and use it. I was hoping i could get some help on which type of line i should get( mostly fishing steelie and bass in the warmer weather). been reading a ton of info on the forums and theres almost too much to comprehend, especially since im new to fly fishing. but im very excited and cant wait to get out there enjoying the rivers real soon.
    ---also, if anyone wants to go out and show a noob the ropes id be very appreciative.---
    Thanks for any help,
  2. Chris,
    Welcome to the addiction that is called fly fishing!
    As for line, since the streams (aka rivers) here in Ohio are fairly shallow & bass are pretty much a shallow water species here in Ohio, I would recommend a WF8f line...that is Weight Forward 8 weight Floating line. You can still sink that line with a weighted fly, but usually no need as streamers & such will be fine...especially this time f year.
    I am in Canton...if you are near by, give me a holler....I'll be more than happy to help out.

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    Lines I recommend are bass tapers from rio and Mastery, Rio grand series or Mastery GPX series. Quality line will make things much easier for you than cheap lines. So invest in it and can be found on Ebay now really cheap.
  4. thanks for the help guys. im almost ready now. just need to get it all together and hope that this rain stops so the water levels will go down so i can go hit some water. any recomendations for better fly fishing rivers or streams around the macedonia area?