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  1. I'm looking to get into fly fishing. I was just wondering what would be a fairly inexpensive, but fairly good quality setup. I will be fishing for carp and steelies on the fly. Is it possible to use the same wt rod for these? Any helps appreciated... thanks
  2. Most definitely you may use the same rod for carp & steelies...make it an 8 weight!
    I would suggest looking at the Scientific Anglers combos at WalMart (I THINK they still have them) or Gander Mountain. I am pretty sure Gander has the combo in a few "weights" & I believe they DO have an 8 weight. I saw them at the store in North Canton, near "The Strip". Very serviceable & the price is well under 100 bucks at Gander for everything you need.
    Best of luck, let us know what you end up with, & welcome to the dark side!!!

  3. Welcome to the fly fishin world!! Always nice to see new people getting into the sport.

    You can get TFO professional with line and reel for $200 at Also check cabelas for any sales on rods and reels. Look into redington,TFO,st.croix rods they offer quality gear at great prices. Or you can you always have one built for a great price and better quality at midwest custom flyrods.

    As a rod wt goes for both steelies and carp I would say IMO a 9-10ft 7wt, You can also use it for bass and other warm water species.

    Hope this helps!!!
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    I agree with kruggy. a 7wt will handle lots of fish. including big stuff like steel and also medium fish like bass. .... I got a tfo at closeouts and a custom from midwest. love um both.
  5. I emailed Steve at midwest to see what my options were. Any recommendations on blanks etc or options as far as their rods go.
  6. Steve will build on just about any blank that you want. It really just depends on the type of action your looking for. If you like medium fast rods then you can't go wrong with a rod built on the Matrix blanks. They are very nice for the money.

  7. buy a cheap combo, under hundred bucks for rod and reel. I think LLbean has them. if you stick with it, you'll move up in a few years, of you don't, you won't have wasted the money. just make sure to get a decent fly line.
  8. Great advice! Too many people try fishing with the long rod and find out it isn't their cup of tea. The entry level combo's are the best way to enter the sport and then graduate upward if it suits you.:)
  9. I agree. There are some real nice inexpensive combos out there to get started with. I also agree on getting a quality line......keep it clean!!!
  10. any advice or examples of the cheaper entry level combos.
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    I started out on the $20 dollar martin combo..... but would reccomend something a lil better like cabelas brands or even scientific anglers. I think at gander they have one for 80 or 100 and it comes with line reel backing and a scientific x fly box and a video. the fly box is 20 bux alone if you buy it seperate!
  12. What about a redington crosswater,it comes with rod,reel and line also under $100. Also look at Dicks I have found real good deals on fly stuff before there,plus with that Dicks coupon floating around on this site you can get a real good deal.
  13. Good suggestions, some fine brands, but Kruggy, I just CANNOT get into Dick's Sporting Goods! The one here in Canton has the WORST customer service I have ever seen. Any time I've been there, the help is too busy visiting with one another than trying to help customers. Yours may be (probably IS) better. I could just imagine the help I would get here, if ANY, if I had a problem with an outfit purchased there. Just my 2 cents.
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    Our local Dicks (Elyria) is 30 seconds from my house and the guys are great most of the time Im in there alot. They price match anyone that is having a sale and take coupons and score card rewards. Cant ask for much more than that! They could up their selection though. If they are talking to each other just grab a st croix rod and swordfight with the deer targets! They always pay attention real quick!Thats my 2 cents.
  15. Ohiotuber thats too bad, I hate dealin with places like that!! Just so happens OLJ AND I know the guys that work in the fishing dept so that helps.
    But they wouldnt get my buisness either if they treated customers like your situation.
  16. The traditions 2 you are looking at look like to be a very nice setup I was checking them out before. With the 9'6'' 7wt I think you will be very pleased for all your needs.
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    ya didn't realize you wanted a 7wt or more. cabelas is great for those sizes. a 3 forks combo works great.
  18. Went to Rodmakers today. I wanted to get the feel of some rods before I bought one. I ended up with a 9' 7/8wt Daiwa and an Okuma reel that the recommended. Hit a pond with my buddy today to practice some casting and stuff since I have never used a fly rod before. I have to say im very happy so far with the setup. Got about 8 gills and 6 largemouths the biggest being about 2lb
  19. Anthol that's a great start on a fly rod! nice job. Enjoy the summer with it...try for carp if you can. From what I have heard they are alot of fun on a fly rod. I haven't got one to take a fly yet. But, I always try when I see them...