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First Fish Story

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by KSUFLASH, Apr 19, 2004.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    The girlfriend was buggin me for about 2 weeks to take her fishing. So last week we went out and got her fishing license and I took her to Mogadore. We got skunked from the Jon Boat. Well this past weekend, I decided to take her to another spot near my parents house. She catches on pretty fast. Never really fished in her life, and never got a fish, I thought this was going to be an adventure. The wind was blowing pretty good, so the casting of a spinning reel and navigating the overhead trees and such, I figured I would be untangling line all day. I started off casting out for her and setting the hook on some gills. After about 10 of those, I asked her if she was paying attention to what I was doing, she said yes. So I turned over the controls to my girlfriend. Well, she casted probably better than me. As soon as she casted out, she said she had a fish. I was like yeah right!!!! Well she did, and of coarse it was probably one of the biggest crappie that I have seen come out of this pond we were at. Being that it was her first fish ever, and the crappie went 11", not a monster by anymeans, but not bad for a first fish, I am mounting it for her. She asked me if we could keep it, I told her she could keep it forever after I taxidermy'd it for her. So she kept casting and catching fish, baiting her own hook, and taking the fish off the hook as well. I showed her all this in about 5 min. She is a quick learner I guess. Then I started thinking....She was using my brand new St. Croix rod and Quantum reel, while I was using a Berkly Cherrywood rod. Now shouldn't it be the other way around. Oh, well....I am just glad she had a good time. I might have a fishing buddy for life now, cause thats all she talks about is when are we going. A funny thing she said was " we are running out of bait" I about fell over....She wanted to go get more bait....I think I found a good woman...

    :D flash--------------------------------------------out :D
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    bout time ben. check your pm's.

  3. long story short meet my wife fishing now we hunt an fish 2gather every chance we get u got 2 love it man it don't get anybetter than that she got her 1st deer this yr
    need i say bigger than any buck i've ever got in 30+yrs of hunting in her 2nd yr
    now she tell's me she going 2 catch a bigger smallie than the 1 i have on the wall!!!!
    sounds like u got a keeper there young man !!!!
  4. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    My wife hates fishing and hates hunting. It's a good thing because now I have some one to watch the kids when I go. LOL
  5. I second that Ncraft

  6. Good Job Flash, I Think You May Have Found A Great Woman Wife Of 12 Yrs Is The Same Way She Loves To Fish, But Sometimes I Have To Take The Rod From Her Because It Is Getting Embarassing When She Outfishes Me---just Jokin---good Job....happy Memories There Bud...eye4neye(tony)